Companies need to figure out how they can make their products stand out from the crowd. One way is through packaging design and display boxes. Display box packaging is the kind of thing that has a lot of space inside. It will make it easier for people to buy big things like televisions and washing machines. If there isn’t any sign on the outside, people might not know what size product they are buying. The right type of custom pre roll packaging will highlight your brand and bring attention to your product in a crowded marketplace.

Which electronics devices use cardboard packaging for their wrapping?

Televisions are large and take up a lot of space in the home. Buyers will want to make sure they can get the right size TV for their needs. The design on your box should show customers what size product they will get so it is an accurate representation of your brand. Your logo doesn’t have to be huge on the display box packaging, but it should still stand out. You might even choose to use glossy cardboard packaging for display boxes because it reflects light well and is easy to customize with special finishes or engravings.

Display box packaging must highlight features of device

Large appliances like washing machines are not bought often. They want to be sure of what they get before they make a purchase. You can meet their expectations by letting them see the appliance and find out about any special features it might have.

It’s true that people steal more expensive items. It is easier to take them and run away because they are more worth it. That can make people not want to buy things because they don’t know if they will be taken from them.

If people buy something and then decide not to, they can steal it. To stop that from happening, box packaging for small electronics must have a special lock or tag that only the person who bought it can open with a pin code, fingerprint identification, or physical key. That way if someone does decide to take the product without paying for it – either by accident or on purpose – you can stop them from doing so. This also protects your store legally because if someone steals an item you will be able to prove they didn’t pay for it.

Security of the devices’:

If you want to stop the theft of your products, you can use physical security devices. For smaller items, these would be things that damage the product. For bigger items, it’s better to contact an alarm monitoring service that calls the police if there is a problem. You can also have surveillance cameras around your store which will watch for people who might try to steal something.

Security tags work by creating obstacles for people and making it difficult to take things without setting off an alarm. The advantage of these tags is that they do not damage items in any way. But shoplifters know when the security tags are present because they make an audible sound when triggered.


If a customer has trouble lifting a product, they might order a smaller version with a display box so it is easier to carry. It is also safer for the customer if you ship the product in secure packaging that does not have any sharp corners or edges. Product visibility is important as well, especially if your company manufactures expensive items such as televisions and computers. Customers will be more inclined to purchase from your brand if they feel safe handling larger electronics machines due to sturdy design and packaging without worrying about their safety.


In general, displaying products inside attractive, aesthetically pleasing boxes make people want to purchase more. This will be beneficial to your company if you are an online retailer that sells on e-commerce sites.  When people are browsing on their computer or mobile device, they are usually more easily influenced by aesthetically pleasing packaging designs. Of course, visuals play a huge role in sales, so you want to make sure the product is displayed properly. If you sell shoes, for example, it’s best to use cardboard display boxes wholesale with pictures/designs of the styles of shoes inside them so customers can get an idea of what they’re buying even before opening up the box.    


Most companies want you to use a lot of their boxes. But sometimes you can’t because the products are too heavy or because they need to store things in them. You’ll want to make sure that your company’s boxes can be used again and again if possible, or made from recycled material if not.


 If your company is shipping perishable goods or anything with exposed circuitry, being waterproof is a must. No one wants damaged shipments! At least design your packaging so it’s waterproof on the outside but still breathable inside for efficient insulation.  


This ties into reusable shipping boxes with protective properties. For example, if you ship computers/electronics often, it’s best to have custom foam inserts to keep your product safe during travel.


 If it’s something that needs branding, make sure you get the printing right! Always check for quality control before making any big orders. You don’t want to disappoint your customers by having awful print jobs on your custom boxes.

Easy To Open/Close  

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Be mindful of how your potential clients open their packages and design accordingly. Not only will they appreciate it, but it’ll make them more likely to order from you again down the road. 


This one ties into most of the above points with a little twist: Cut costs without sacrificing quality whenever possible. If this means buying boxes in bulk or going with recycled materials.


The right type of display box can make your brand stand out. For example, a clothes company needs to make sure they have boxes that show the clothes well. Or a vacuum company needs to make sure they have boxes that say what the machine can do.