Usually, several arts show the culture and tradition of India. These arts are the perfect choice to make your space elegant and beautiful. From ancient times, Warli arts are one of the most famous artwork by artists. Commonly, Warli is a village of Maharashtra and individuals made paintings on wood, clay, and other items. The people of the village use Warli art on special occasions like festivals, ceremonies, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Today, this Warli art has been updated and re-design by professionals/artists to flaunt the rich culture of India. Warli wall paintings have isolated features that help to glamorize your space. By choosing these hilarious arts, you can convert your boring atmosphere into an alluring one. In other words, your house will become the center of charisma for the other individuals. For your convenience and demand, you can select different types of Warli paintings. Let’s discuss these different designs, themes, styles, and patterns of the attractive arts.

Bring Spirituality at Your Home with Warli Wall Paintings

Warli arts have been designed as per Hindu mythology. Usually, it is Indian art and includes all the traditions of India. As per Indian mythology, you can obtain various deities wall paintings in Warli art like:

  • Warli wall painting of Ramayana
  • Krishna Warli wall painting
  • Radha Krishna Warli wall painting
  • Warli wall painting of Ganesha
  • Tree of life Warli wall painting
  • Warli Ganpati wall painting
  • Krishna Warli wall painting
  • Warli wall painting of Jivya soma mashe
  • And other depicted artworks

Obtain Warli Wall Paintings on Distinctive Surfaces

The artists update the Warli arts and they start to use different surfaces. These different surfaces garnish the appearance of walls and bring attractiveness to your home/office. Several forms of Warli arts popular and exquisite for your dwellings like:

  • Warli wall painting on canvas
  • Warli wall painting in the wall
  • Warli wall painting on diya
  • Warli wall painting on wood
  • Warli wall painting on tiles
  • Warli art painting on white paper
  • Warli wall painting on newspaper
  • Warli wall painting on cloth
  • Warli art painting on plates and much more

Where to Place Warli Wall Paintings at Home?

To beautify each corner of your home, you can hang Warli wall paintings. For different places, you can choose several types of Warli arts for your household. At these places, you can enrich every corner and add an aesthetic touch to Warli arts. Here are the Warli wall paintings for different positions:

  • Warli wall painting on pillars
  • Warli wall painting on the balcony
  • Warli wall painting for bedroom
  • Warli wall art for living room
  • Warli wall art for compound walls

Connect Your House with Nature related Warli Wall Painting

Nature has tremendous beauty and everyone loves to see it. That’s why; artists made Warli arts in nature. Through these nature-related themes, your dwellings will become attractive, distinctive, and incredible. Also, you can influence your room by adding Warli wall paintings. Here are some examples of Warli arts in nature form:

  • Tree in Warli wall painting
  • Sun in Warli wall painting
  • Warli wall painting of coconut tree
  • Warli peacock wall painting
  • Warli animals wall painting
  • Warli birds wall painting

Modernize Your Space with Warli Modern Arts

If you are looking to modernize your space, it is advised to choose a modern warli wall painting. It is one of the most popular and attractive Warli arts to adorn the space. Several kinds of modern Warli arts have been formulated by professional artists to give a classy look. Have a look at these modern Warli arts:

  • Warli folk wall painting
  • Abstract Warli wall painting
  • Creative Warli wall painting
  • Vertical Warli wall painting
  • Acrylic Warli wall painting
  • Warli tribal wall painting
  • Traditional Warli wall painting
  • Other different types of Warli painting

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Last Words

Finally, we reached the end of the article. Usually, hanging a traditional art at home shows your affection towards the culture. In the same manner, Warli wall paintings are completely different, traditional, and so beautiful. It is one of the most popular and auspicious artworks made up by brilliant artists. Bring these wall arts at home and get blissful and exquisite decorum. However, you can also avail distinctive decorative items with awesome styles at DecoreMantra.