Many pricey or difficult-to-find pieces of content have become much more accessible because of the digital age. You will have access to knowledge for far longer than a lifetime if you use all of these websites to acquire free PDF books.

To put it another way, there’s a LOT of fantastic information available for free. Of course, we had to make such a long list because there are so many fantastic websites where you can get your ebooks for free, which you can read in any of the top free PDF readers. If you wish to annotate or comment on your PDF books while reading on your PC, you can do so by clicking the download option below.

As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the finest sites where you can download nearly anything you want, including audiobooks, to read on your computer or phone.

1. Google Books        

Did you know that the Play Store’s ebooks area also serves as a terrific resource for free PDF books? It’s worth noting that you may get the app not only on your phone but also on any of the finest online browsers.

Although this is a store where most of the works are charged, it does occasionally make free works available to download. Another excellent way to obtain compensated books without paying any money is to use Google Opinion Rewards.

For completing surveys that help the search engine improve, this app will reward you with Google Play Store credits that you can use to purchase anything (including books) on the Google Play Store. To learn more about what is, click this link.

2. Open Library

Open Library, like the previous option, is a non-profit website that relies on sponsors to be able to provide free books to its readers. Open Library will give you some of the works that they wish to be able to offer for free right on the home screen, allowing anyone to fund the website’s permanent acquisition.

It also includes a borrowing tool that is only available to registered users. Open Library functions similarly to a traditional library in that it has a limited number of books available for borrowing. Go to the website if you’re interested in learning more about it!

3. Project Gutenburg

Project Gutenberg, a website that has been operational for over a decade, is an endeavor to make fiction and other entertaining publications available for free, making them more accessible. You’ll be able to download books in a variety of formats to read them wherever you are!

Its works can be found in a variety of languages, including Portuguese. Portuguese is, in fact, one of the languages with the most books on the platform! There’s also a unique audiobook section on Project Gutenberg that you can download for free!

To discover more about the programme, click here, and to listen to all of the books without having to read them, check out the finest PDF audio readers!

4. European

As Europe’s largest digital library, a lot of what you’ll find here is written in European languages, such as British English or Portuguese from Portugal, making it one of the greatest places to get free PDF books published on the continent.

It brings together books and works of art on a variety of topics that are relevant to Europe, such as First World War stories, archaeological riches, and, of course, literature from the continent’s various countries, which can be found in books, periodicals, and newspapers. To get to Europeana right now, click this link!

5. Read Print

Read Print is an English-only website that offers a wide range of publications to its customers, including fiction, nonfiction, short tales, poetry, and even academic works. You can download them all for free and read them wherever you want!

However, it will also offer you a large number of purchased books, so stick to the website’s free part. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for complete works by great authors such as Edgar Allan Poe, Jane Austen, and Arthur Conan Doyle, among others, it’s one of the best places to visit. Take a look at it!

6. PDF Drive

If you want to get free PDF books, PDFDrive is a good place to start. It has over 90 million eBooks. Aside from books, there are magazines, comics, essays, and a lot more. You will have unlimited access to search, preview, and download for free.

This website provides a wide range of professional subjects, as well as books for students and a large number of fiction works. You may also buy printed books, convert them to ePub, and send them directly from your computer! To learn more, click here.

7. Obooko

Obooko is another completely legal platform where you may get anything you want for free. Here you’ll find some incredible published authors in two broad categories: factual and fiction.

Given that it’s been around since 2010, we can safely believe it’ll be around for a long time! Romance, adventure, travel, politics, and business are just a few of the genres available. Take a look at it right now!

8. Snewd

Snewd, an Open Internet Project of free eBooks, was designed to supply regular users with high-quality free eBooks, sourced from some other highly popular platforms, to round out our collection.

Snewd will often obtain public domain eBooks and expertly reformat them. You can even sign up to receive email notifications on all of their new releases! To learn more, click here.