Bubble soccer is a new sport that started for individuals with disabilities to take pleasure in playing the game of soccer even if they couldn’t run around due to injury or disability. Now, however, it has ended up being popular amongst those who simply want an option to do other sports and something fun to do with their kids on weekends. Bubble soccer in Singapore has been acquiring a lot of attention recently because it uses all these benefits and more without needing any actual physical contact between players – which can be difficult enough when you’re not inside your inflatable suit!

Let’s Play Soccer    

Bubble soccer is a game where two teams of 6 play in an inflatable bubble fit. The objective is to rate by either kicking the ball into the opposing group’s web or trapping it in between a minimum of three defenders without sailing out of bounds. Every gamer holds an air pump which they utilize to explode their suit before heading onto the field, and at halftime, all players are enabled time for relaxation with piped music. There are no set guidelines on how hard or quick you can press your challengers, but gamers are discouraged from “striking” each other to prevent injuries. Players use 5mm thick grade-An inflatable zorb fits for defense, along with matching color knee/elbow pads and helmets.

The video game starts on the referee’s whistle. In the beginning, all members of both groups ground halt, waiting on the signal to start running. When the referee blows his whistle once again, everybody starts performing at once without knowing where they’re going! Bubble soccer in Singapore is played in a fenced-off field measuring 20m by 30m whose boundaries stop players’ bounces before they can fly too far away. Bubble soccer started as a way for individuals who had lower limb disabilities or were unable to walk around due to injury to take pleasure in the video game of soccer. On the other hand, gamers receive a well-rounded body toning simply by playing! So if you’re looking for some enjoyment and action this weekend, why not offer bubble soccer Singapore a shot?

Why play this game?

Among the advantages of playing bubble soccer in Singapore is that it is an inclusive game. This indicates that it doesn’t matter if you are hurt or handicapped, anyone can take part. If you are injured, i.e., you can play with your team and want to score objectives while wearing a bubble suit. If you are handicapped, the bubble fit will provide extra protection so you can still take part in the game. The bubbles also make it simpler for players to move without fretting about getting hurt or hurting their teammates. This will make gamers feel more active and help them burn a lot more calories. The video game needs speed, concentration, dexterity, versatility, and coordination. You don’t need to fret about playing bubble soccer in untidy fields or muddy roadways as you can play it inside. Utilize the bubbles to bounce in your home while having a good time with buddies or family members. You can even play bubble soccer at home before heading out on an outdoor game.

Safety First!

Match: They ought to use the appropriate equipment and protection. They are likewise required to make certain that their helmet is safely attached and that there are no spaces in the match for fingers or toes to protrude. The ball: The ball must always be positioned a minimum of one meter far from players before being pumped up. Gamers are not enabled to hit the ball with their hands, but they might use any other part of their body. The ball can be kicked, headed, or headed utilizing the chest, back, or shoulder. The internet: Players can score by kicking the ball into their challenger’s web, whose position is about two backyards off the ground. If a player heads the ball over the crossbar, they will still score a point. Nevertheless, if the ball hits the crossbar and is then discussed, it will not score.

Game time: Each video game of bubble soccer consists of two seven-minute halves with a three-minute break period in between. No Blocking: Players cannot block their opponents’ shots on goal by using their bodies or by using their arms or hands. No Tripping: Gamers cannot utilize their legs to journey other players, nor can they hold them down when pressing the ball towards the goal. If a player trips another gamer intentionally, it will bring about disturbance and the referee may call offside.


If you are searching for a brand-new game to have fun with your friends, provide bubble soccer in Singapore a shot! It is fun and amazing. You will have a lot of an adrenaline rush from playing this sport that can’t even compare to other sports out there. Bubble soccer is the best way to get some workout while also having lots of laughs. Not only does it provide all these advantages, however, if anything goes wrong during the video game, but you also will not feel any pain because of how protective those bubbles around you are! After reading our post on what exactly bubble soccer is and why people like it a lot in Singapore, we hope you got our point.