When people think about treks in North India, people think about the highest peak treks in Ladakh, and in southwestern ghats have a beautiful atmosphere to explore. After that, they choose a range of mountains and then routes to make the trip successful. Now let’s see some beautiful and best treks in India along with the amazing Kedarkantha trek.

Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek is the classical trek to do in winter. This Kedarkantha trek is the most attractive trek with snowfall and for its panoramic views. In the Himalayas, you have the best and wonderful campsites like no other trek campsites have the beauty of them. Your trek starts at Sankri village and moves to Juda ka Talab. From there you will reach a campsite. But the trail will have dark forests and steep slopes. The camping sites have beautiful views and also picturesque views and this is the main highlight of the trek. It takes 6 days and 5 nights of trek. The whole trek is just 20 km. Its altitude is 3810 m.

Markha Valley Trek

Markha Valley trek has many routes to complete. Markha valley trek is the most popular trek in Ladakh in the Himalayan range. You can see beautiful views and the beauty of nature along with the atmosphere in the regions. Markha valley trek route comes across some beautiful monasteries to visit and stay like a camping site. You can experience and explore remote villages, crossing bridges of rivers, green pastures, and many more. In remote villages, the houses were built with mud and surrounded by green fields with a beautiful view of the mountains of Ladakh. The route passes by the Hemis National park where you can see leopards in large numbers. You will be crossing Kongmaru La with an altitude of 17060 ft. On the trekking journey at a place, you can see the view of Mount Kang Yatse with an altitude of 21300 ft. The landscapes are mostly Rocky Canyons which are difficult to trek and also there will be more wildlife creatures. The villagers follow Tibetan culture and traditions. Homestay is available in a few villages, this gives us a beautiful experience involving camping. This trip takes 6 days to complete the trek. The maximum altitude of the trek point was 17060 ft. If you plan your trek from June to September you will have beautiful experiences.

ChandraTal Lake Trek

ChandraTal Lake trek attracts a lot of trekkers across the world for its challenging and adventurous trek. Chandratal lake trek is located at the altitude of 4300 m, this trek is just 6 km from Kunzum pass in Spiti. Trekking ChandraTal Lake makes you feel like trekking to the moon. You will pass by the two highest mountains, Moulkila and Chandrabhaga. Moving on you will see snow-covered mountains and slopes along the way. The ChandraTal lake is a sacred lake that grabs the attention of Hindu devotees. The holy water in the lake colour gets changed from red to orange and Blue and also green. Best time to Trek and visit the holy lake is between mid-June to mid-october. This Chandratal lake starts from manali. You can explore the unparalleled beauty of nature and adventurous places. ChandraTal means “Lake of the moon”. It takes 4-6 hrs to complete the trek. We can say it is the shortest trek.

Chembra Peak Trek

Chembra Peak Trek in Wayanad altitude is 6890 ft above sea level. In western ghats, this is one of the highest peaks which is above 2000 m. This peak can be seen from different regions of Wayanad. This peak is located 8 km away from Kalpetta. At the starting point of the trek, there will be a forest office, you need to take permission here to do the trek. The Chembra Peak Trek is under control by the Wayanad forest department agency. They will give permission and guide us to trek. Trekking to the peak point is not allowed due to wildlife conflict.

There is a Heart-shaped lake that is 1.2 km away from Chembra peak. This is the most attractive place to visit. It takes 2 and half hours to trek to this heart-shaped lake. The trek trail starts from the tea plantation estate. By moving on you will enter dense forests followed by tall grassland. The trekking hill is very steep, be careful while trekking. Avoid trekking in Winters and rain due to slippery conditions.

Kudremukh Trek

Kudremukh means horse-faced. Because the mountain was shaped like a horse, in Kannada Kudremukh means horse shape. This trek is also called samseparvath. The trek starts at the base village Samse village. This peak was located in Chikmagalur on Western ghats. It is located at an altitude of 6207 ft. Kundremukh has a lot of Flora and fauna, home for many species. It takes 4 hours to reach the horse-shaped face. Generally, you can after 1 hr of the trek. But to reach the horse-shaped peak it takes 3 hrs from there. You can see peacocks and deers on the trek along with other wildlife.