Cleaning your kitchen cabinets and cleaning your countertops are the 2 best cleaning jobs in the kitchen. Why? It makes for a much cleaner look and it’s also super easy with our tips.

Cleaning the outside of kitchen cabinets

Cleaning kitchen cabinets with vinegar

Make a vinegar solution with this cleaning agent you can easily clean the kitchen cabinets. In addition, it is also a means that does not cause the wood to warp or remove the lacquer.

Remove Grease Kitchen

You can clean greasy kitchen cabinets with a little undiluted fabric softener. You can easily do this with the help of a piece of kitchen roll or a dry cloth. You can now easily remove the grease during the next cleaning round.

Cleaning the top of Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets always get very greasy at the top. This is often difficult to get to. That is why it is useful to place a piece of newspaper, cling film, or aluminum foil on the cupboard. When it has become dirty, you can throw away the paper or foil. Often this only needs to be done once a month. Get the amazing knife holder

Cleaning the inside of Kitchen Cabinets

The insides of kitchen cabinets are easier to keep clean when you put a piece of tarpaulin in them. This is easier to remove than the wood from which the cabinets are made. In addition, it is less bad when the dirt gets into it.

Your kitchen cabinets are a lot easier to clean if you keep them well organized. You can organize your kitchen cupboards in 4 steps:

Organizing Kitchen Cupboards

Empty kitchen cupboards. Get a fresh start by clearing out all the kitchen cupboards. Clean them right away with vinegar.

Main kitchen items. Ask yourself which kitchen items you use most often. It is useful to put these items in a place where you can easily reach them. Devices and items that you have not used for more than two months can be placed in the back of the cupboard. Do you also have items and supplies that you have not used for more than a year? Throw these away or sell them.

Create stacks. Plates, pans, oven dishes, and bread bins can be stacked on top of each other. Keep in mind which pans and oven dishes you use a lot. Also, sort the boards by function. So put all breakfast plates together, all deep plates, and all dinner plates. So you can easily grab them the next time you need them. 

Food products. Everyone has a cupboard with food in the kitchen. Dispose of all products that expire on their expiration date. Have you opened several bags of pasta or rice? Toss them together, or cook them at your next meal. You can also choose to throw opened bags into a large jar. Do you also find products that you probably won’t eat anymore? Then throw them away.

Put all your herbs and spices together on a shelf. This way you can quickly find the herbs when you need them.

Organize the Kitchen Drawer

There are bins for sale in various stores with which you can easily divide the cutlery in your drawer. Sometimes the bins are adjustable. This way you can make several small boxes or large boxes. Now you can put your cutlery sort by sort and you can easily find the right cutlery next time.

Cleaning Countertops

It very much depends on the material of the countertop how you can best clean it. You can only clean a marble or granite countertop with hot water, while an artificial granite countertop is best cleaned with chlorine, acetone, or hydrogen peroxide.

You can clean stainless steel countertops with green soap.

Clean Countertop with Dishcloth

A countertop is often cleaned with a dishcloth. It is very wise to use a clean one every day for this. Such a cloth is a hotbed for bacteria.

Remove Scale from Countertops

A good way to clean the counter is to rub it with a damp dishcloth and some baking soda. Finally, wipe it with some vinegar to remove the residual salt residue.

So, your kitchen cabinets and countertops are clean again. Now for the rest of the kitchen. Your stove, your oven, the refrigerator, the extractor hood… They all have to be clean! Do you mind that? Then first read our free ebook “The kitchen, how do I do it?”, packed with smart tips that make cleaning your kitchen a breeze. Download it now for free!