It’s been a while since one of my friends was planning a startup business. He was almost near to the launch date when one of his employees was caught sharing confidential information. It was a big blow for him and his team. They were working so hard for the successful launch and if the culprit would have shared the images, all of the hard work, time, and money resources would have been gone in vain. He was very disturbed. He was almost near to postponing the launch and working on the security measures. But his team and some close trustworthy people handled the situation well. It was not right to just cancel everything.

The best way was to get out of the situation while assuring that no one dares to try such an act again. The whole team was very keen to launch the product this time as it was 1st canceled because of the pandemic and lockdown issues. So one of the smart guys gave a fantastic idea that was liked by the higher authorities. It was to simply get an employee monitoring app in the form of android spy software and to monitor each work-related move of every employee. 

The idea was practical and economical so the app that was selected for this purpose was the OgyMogy spy app. If you are planning to start a business or are the owner of a big firm, the use of a spy app can really be a beneficial addition to your startup or business.

Why OgyMogy?

The reason behind the selection of the OgyMogy spy app is that it is not just a smartphone monitoring app rather you have the option to keep tabs on Mac and Windows devices as well. Moreover, if you are familiar with this market you will know that because of so much saturation selection of the right app is a big task. Don’t get impressed by a free trial version as it can be just a  deception to get you into their shell and waste your time and money. Instead, work on the features and check the applied terms and conditions.

Real-Time Screen Recording:

A real-time screen monitoring can report you about any possible breach in security or an attempt to leak confidential information. All the screen activities are recorded with date and time information. Thus you can check the screenshots or shoot videos recordings or can just simply make surprise live visits to any employees’ screen to know what they are up to. 

Email Monitoring:

Email monitoring features allow the user to have remote access to the emails of the target employees. You can check the sent and received email content and even have a strict eye on attachment history details as well. Thus this way if any employee will try to share any secret document with an irrelevant person, OgyMogy will notify the user about it right away.

Keystrokes Record:

Any business is all about planning, evaluation,  marketing records and finance records, etc. In short, everything is related to a keypad. What if I tell you, you can monitor all the keystroke activities of the employees by using the keystroke feature of the android spy software.  That means you can know about secret account ids, passwords, entries on the gadget, and every keypad activity of the target employees.

Access To Photos Album:

With easy access to smart gadgets and high-quality cameras, one can keep the record of any confidential meeting, document, or image file and share it whenever they want. OgyMogy allows the user to have remote access to the photo album folder of the target employee.

Whereabouts Alerts:

Get alerts about any suspicious meeting of the target person by having a whereabouts notification. The GPS location tracking feature allows the user to know about the live location of the employees at any given time.

Updates Regarding Digital Footsteps:

With every brand going digital, it is necessary to keep a record of every digital footprint of the employees. That way any suspicious activity will flag out on time. With track internet history feature and social media and instant messenger chat app monitoring, one can know about every online activity of the target remotely.

Keep the target employee under your remote eye 24/7 through the company-owned devices with the help of the OgyMogyandroid spy software.