If you plan to book Turkish Airline flights this December, this is the right place for you. Find out here how to spend your vacation.

Suppose you seek a nation rich in cultural heritage and offers a wide variety of food and is sculpted with magnificent mountains and gorgeous beaches. In that case, it is time to explore Turkey. It is the only country situated on the Asian and European border, and visiting it in December with Turkish Airlines flights is no less than a treat. It is a bustling country with a rich history. Not only is that, but the natural beauty of this nation is breathtaking, with several diversions to be found.

The gorgeous Mediterranean shoreline will enchant you, while the alpine meadows of the famous Kackar Mountains will enchant you. So, if you want to experience Turkey at its finest in December, you need to book online flights to this place and do the following.

What is the Weather Like in Turkey in December

In Turkey, November ushers in winter, which continues throughout December. The entire nation is cold, yet you will be welcomed warmly everywhere you go in this country. The Mediterranean Coast is pleasantly cool, and you will enjoy the bright days while strolling around the beaches.

December is also a good time to expect some rain and overcast days. Heavy rain is also possible in several regions of Turkey, so be prepared. Snow can also be expected at higher elevations in several places of eastern Turkey.

Things to Do

You probably think of great beaches throughout the nation when you think of Turkey, but there are plenty of other things to do here if you are booking Turkish Airline flight deals in December. Many sites in the world can only be visited during the winter for an unforgettable holiday. The greatest activities to do in Turkey in December are listed here. Continue reading to learn more.

Explore Ankara Castle

Because Turkey is one of the historically richest countries, you’ll want to start your trip to this country with online flight booking and learning about the country’s old history. You can do so after seeing the historic Ankara Castle. This fortress was built during the Roman Empire’s 7th century.

The castle is set in a 43000 square kilometers region that includes several ancient Ankara mansions and many mosques that are the epitome of architectural perfection from that period.

Visit Fairy-Chimney Rock

If you visit the magnificent fair-chimney rock in winter, it will be coated in a light coating of snow, making it an unusual experience. In the winter, the vista is spectacular. This is a section of the Gore me National Park that has been designated as one of the most popular UNESCO Heritage Sites. You won’t get bored in this place whether you plan to book Turkish Airlines tickets in December or any other month.

This location in Cappadocia is home to medieval rock cathedrals, underground towns, open-air museums, and other attractions. You may also add extra excitement and fun to your journey by trekking across the valley.

Enjoy at Aqua Vega Museum

If you are visiting the country by booking online airline flight tickets with your kids and other family members, then a day trip to this museum will be ideal. It is known to be one of Europe’s largest and most stunning underwater museums. The Aqua Vega Museum offers a capacity of 4.5 million liters of water and houses a variety of marine animals.

Several portions of the museum will astound you, such as the Marine Shell Museum, the Jungle Corner, the Adrenaline World, and so on. In these places, you and your kids will be able to see sea animals such as Napoleon fish, clownfish, sharks, koi fish, and so on.

Witness the Dolmabahce Palace

This old palace is situated in the very center of Istanbul city, and you must visit it at all costs if you are booking Turkish Airlines online flights this year. This palace served as the Ottoman Empire’s major administrative facility. The architecture is undoubtedly unique and breathtaking, and interestingly it was inspired by the baroque style. However, it also flaunts a touch of neoclassical design in specific areas.

With 46 halls and 285 rooms, this is Turkey’s largest palace, and tourists will become tired of seeing it in a single day. You may take a guided tour to learn more about the history of this palace. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out the Queen Victoria-gifted Bohemian crystal chandelier.

You can miss any of these places if you book online flight deals this year to visit this historical country in December.