We all know that seventy percent of our body is water, so it’s easy to understand how important water is for our living. However, the development race has made us a bit careless as we are ruining our lifeline-water.

Yes, the water pollution level is rising day by day, which is becoming dangerous for our health. It creates many serious health issues, even death. The water purifier is the best and safe option for drinking water in Delhi. But, it is vital to keep RO in stable condition to minimize RO service needs.

Doctors, dieticians, gym instructors, and our elders all suggest consuming maximum water daily, but it’s not just important to drink water, but it has to be pure and healthy too. Water consumption helps in removing toxins, but what if we are drinking dirty water? However, you can opt for an easy way to eradicate this issue by using water purifiers.

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Though earlier using alum, keeping water in the copper vessel was enough to cleanse it, but now we surely need something effective that can clean water and make it healthy and drinkable. Keeping all this in mind, water purifiers come first in our minds. These machines not just purify water but also make it a simpler task and don’t need more RO water purifier service.

However, one should not just blindly buy any water filter but should give some time to researching which one to buy as it’s a matter of your health. If you are clueless about all the dos and don’ts, we will assist you, so be with us. Let’s get started:

Cross Check Water Quality                                            

With so many options available in the market, it gets difficult to choose the perfect water purifier for your need. However, before buying the water filter, it’s essential to check the level of water type.

In case you get water supply, then it’s certain that the level of water impurities is less, but in case you get hard water from the sea, then you need nothing less than a RO UV water purifier.

How To Choose Between Purifiers?

Unlike before now, you have numerous options of purifiers available in the market, all differing in technologies. However, again you have to choose the one for you by comparing water types in your area. Starting from normal filters to RO purifiers, all are available in the market at amazing rates.

The leading water purifying technology these days is RO+UV water filters, which run on the technology of reverse osmosis and ultraviolet. Here water is passed between the semi-permeable membrane and is allowed to filter and purify using ultraviolet rays.

However, the Aquaguard water purifier service is very much in the news for its advanced features and smooth functioning. They have a variety of Aquaguard water purifiers, all featuring amazing features and strong water cleansing properties.

Interestingly, all their water purifiers are not just promising in quality but also come at amazing rates, which can be within everyone’s budget. Choose RO water purifier only after going through proper water quality check and the kinds of pollutants and TDS level.

Why We Need Water Purifiers?

In search of development, we are ruining our environment in the worst way, most importantly water bodies. The chemicals from factories, pollution from vehicles, garbage, waste products, etc., are killing the oxygen level in the water, making it dirtier day by day. And we can’t drink such impure water.

Water and fresh water is the key source of a healthy lifestyle. We consume the required amount of water every day to keep ourselves hydrated. But we have often heard that drinking water is even more beneficial if you consume it at some point a day.

So first and foremost, we need to use a water purifier, which is well known in the market and has a good filtration rate. It is suggested by the doctor to always use a water purifier before drinking the water. Water purifier service keeps you away from various waterborne diseases.

When To Drink Water

·         After waking up

Drinking water not only hydrates us internally but also hydrates the skin. As we know, water consists of essential molecules like hydrogen and oxygen, and so does our body. But drinking water after we wake up in the morning before breakfast is really helpful. As we stay empty stomach the water helps remove toxins, helps in digestion, helps with problems like constipation, gastric problems, and many like these digestive problems.

·         Before having our meal

Consuming a good amount of water before having our lunch or dinner is helpful for digestive problems. At least half an hour before your lunch or dinner, it is beneficial to consume a good amount of water. Water before a meal makes your stomach full, and it also helps in managing proper digestion.

·         Before your workout

Drinking water, say before 2 to 3 hours of exercise, is really beneficial. Water intake is the main source of survival. It helps in maintaining body temperature also in the flow of blood circulation. It is always necessary to warm up before starting the workout. As we need to carry heavy weights and give stress to our muscles, similarly, the same stress has been applied on the bones too.

It is also seen that when a body is kept dehydrated, it has a major risk for muscle cramps and muscle tear downs. When you consume the required amount of water, it makes it easy for muscle movements and bones that help in the lubrication which makes the joints movement easier. So, water has also helped in most of the bodily functions and other day-to-day activities.

·         After a workout

During the process of workout, your body loses energy and sweat. This results in the draining of a good amount of water from the body, which may lead to dehydration and fatigue. So it is also very necessary to drink water after your workout session.