In the 20th century, technology has completely taken over the world. Every sector has transformed immensely with the advent of digitalization. Since the pandemic, there has been visible growth in the online education sector.

E-learning means to study through online mode. The teachers or mentors from any part of the world can be connected to the students through online mode. Then they can start teaching without any interruption.

E-learning app development is impacting the education industry. For online learning, a platform is required where both teachers and students can interact effectively. Most probably, these platforms are apps and websites. Nowadays there are many popular learning apps in the market.

Smart devices like smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers were mainly used by the students. This also led to increased sales of smart devices during the pandemic. Parents need to buy a smartphone or a laptop if they don’t own one.

After Pandemic Effect

Since 2020, there is a major change in the education system. Students prefer online classes over the traditional method of studying. Due to various facilities provided in online education, it becomes more favorable to choose e-learning.

E-learning has produced a revolution during the covid-19 pandemic. It offers flexibility in terms of time and content. It has improved the way of teaching and is also improving the education system.

In the year 2020, the graph of e-learning has hugely risen. Online educational apps and websites are helping students to learn the concepts easily. There are separate doubt sessions and extra classes for students to understand concepts better.

The system of traditional classrooms has been practiced in our country for a long time. People were habitual of taking the classes offline.

How is Online Education is Beneficial to the Students?

On-demand availability:

The students can gain knowledge from a teacher in an online class while being in any part of the world. They just need good internet connectivity and a device to take classes on. They can go through the training sessions and seminars.

A student from the remote interior of India can enroll herself in a high-rank university in the United States. She can enhance her skills without even going there. Thus, people from areas where the physical reach of education is limited are benefitting from it.

Variety of Content:

There are several sources available online to study from. The same course can be found out on many platforms. The kind of content can differ. On some platforms, there could be quizzes, competitions, and webinars to ensure the best quality of content. Similar courses are available to students across the globe.

One has freedom of choice between the content to learn from. The students can find the particular platform where they want to continue studying.

Benefit for the working class

Online education provides the facility of learning as well as working. Working people who need to enhance their skills can learn at the same time. Most people are nowadays doing their maters in an online mode while working.

There are also certification and degree courses available online for the students. Such courses are beneficial as they provide similar skills and knowledge at a low cost. Also, the online classes can be attended at any time of the day. No attendance issues are also a major advantage.


Every year the rate of dropouts increases. This is probably due to the lack of interest of people towards the course.

But in the case of e-learning, the cost of education is comparatively less. So even if someone wants to leave the course halfway, it’s not that much less. In e-learning, strategies are developed to help engage and retain learners. This is done to reduce the e-learning dropout rate.

Major e-learning sites


Moodle is an open-source system allowing course management. A virtual learning environment that helps the faculty as well as the students. Educators worldwide are using moodle for managing the courses made for the students.

The focus of the model project is always on giving educators the best tool to manage and promote learning. It allows scaling very large deployments and hundreds and thousands of students.

Many institutions use it as their platform to conduct online courses while some simply augment face-to-face courses.

eXe project

The eXe project developed of freely available open-source authoring application to help teachers and academics. Publication of web content without the need to become proficient in HTML or XML markup.

Resources authored in eXe can be exported in IMS content package or IMS common cartridge formats or as simple self-contained web pages. It was developed by the Newzealand, not so profit education platform called CORE education.


CoFFEE is open-source software that is easily available. It is designed in such a way that it can be easily installed on any Local area network. For example, a school computer system or any computer-equipped classroom.

It is designed to foster communication and problem-solving in class 12th and learning at the distance. It is free software. It does not require an internet link. The installation is straightforward and easily accessible.

These students use coffee as part of the structured face-to-face problem-solving challenge. The students are in the same study room and can help each other.

Massive Open Online Course

It is a system to deliver content online to people who want to take up a course. It has no limit on attendance. The students need to sign in to the website and get themselves enrolled.

It mostly lasts 4 to 12 weeks and will have quizzes, exams along the way. It utilizes the power of the internet to scale the delivery of education. Students participate through video tutorials, forums, and social media. Some popular MOOC websites are Udemy, Udacity, Khan Academy, Harvard open courses.


Most of the students are taking up various courses and practicing them to enhance their skills. On the contrary, some students are not in the support of e-learning.

It is not easy to understand concepts through the screen. There can be technical issues as well. Internet availability is not possible every time.

Due to exposure of eyes to the screen for long hours, it can become a risk to the health. Eyes can be affected badly. The content provided cannot be according to the learner’s will.

Apart from this, there are many advantages mentioned above. A student can enroll in different sites and e-learning mobile apps to study online.

The trend of online classes came into the year 2020. They have to take education on mobile. Students were helpless as they cannot attend their schools. They had to take the classes from home.