Even though modern smartphones and PCs are strong enough to play a wide range of high-quality audio files, MP3 remains one of the most popular audio formats among average users. You can export your favorite video songs to MP3 format using an online MP4 to MP3 converter tool if you prefer to run while listening to music rather than viewing it. There is a variety of online and offline MP4 video to MP3 converters ready to aid you in swiftly converting a video file to an audio file.

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5 Best Apps to Convert MP4 to MP3:

Following are the most prominent apps that are used globally to turn MP4 to MP3 online.

Video to MP3 Converter by Linterna Apps:

This is a basic video conversion tool that lets you grab a video file from your smartphone or tablet and convert it to an MP3 file. All of the options are clearly labeled, making choosing the best one for your device a joy. You can also select the quality at which the converted file is converted, giving you greater control over the quality of the audio file.

While getting started with video conversion is simple, you can simply go to a video, open it, and choose this program from the list of programs that appear to be compatible with the video. The app will then convert the video to MP3 in a matter of seconds. Also here, an online MP4 to MP3 converter by theonlineconverter.com provides you people with the facility to even convert audio to video instantly.

Trim & Convert:                                              

This is a straightforward but elegantly designed video converter program, with all of the choices conveniently located on the main screen. You can choose from your device’s video library, YouTube videos, or already converted audio files to play. You can also choose video files directly from your smartphone’s Gallery, which may save you the hassle of manually searching for them in the file manager. In case you are using PCs, you must be subject to an online MP4to MP3 converter to swiftly turn MP4 to MP3 format.


This is a well-designed tool that can trim audio or video files in addition to converting videos to audio, making it a strong audio/video editor. This tool can convert a video file of a song you like into a standard MP3 file in a matter of seconds. The audio cutter feature of the software can be really useful for creating personalized ringtones for your phone. Here using an online MP4 to MP3 converter can also make it happen to convert MP4 to MP3 file in a glimpse of an eye.

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MP3 Cutter and Merger by Inshot:

This app runs all of the functions that a standard video to audio converter should, plus a lot more. The tool allows you to customize aspects such as frequency, channel, and original track level, in addition to simply converting your movies to MP3s. Now that they have more control over the audio file, users can employ their editing skills more freely. The application also allows you to cut and trim video files, which is a handy feature. But there is a limitation. You cannot use this app on windows. For that, you need to use a free mp4 to mp3 converter.

Video Mp3 Converter by Fundevs:

This is another cross video to audio converter. It may reduce videos and audio files in addition to MP3 conversion. The metadata of the converted file can also be modified. Although we can’t confirm this, the program is supposed to be one of the fastest videos to audio converters on the market.

Nowadays, the MP4 to MP3 converter is also in great demand by users globally. It will assist you to convert MP4 to MP3 without wasting your precious time.

Wrapping It Up:

In this article, I mentioned the top five apps that could be used for conversion among MP4 and MP3 files.