What is an Apology?

An apology is referred to as a sense of regretting things that have gone wrong and saying sorry for the wrong deeds. An apology is something which should be not just an apology, it should have your emotions. When you apologize with an emotional and positive attitude, it is more acceptable and it is more valuable to the person whom you hurt. Sorry is just a word but, when you say it with emotions, it is not just a word it counts to be your true apology. You can also see sorry quotes in Hindi to know better about what role an apology can play in your conflicts.

What is a True Apology?

True Apology is referred to as keeping the focus on your actions rather than keeping an eye over others’ responses. An apology is only true when you don’t expect responses and just focus on the actions you are doing to give your apology. Because when you think of the response that is not counted as a true apology because you are thinking that the person will forgive you or not and not thinking about what you are saying as an apology. To say sorry in a better way you can go see sorry quotes in Hindi.

What should the apology look like?

An apology should have some of the main components associated with it. These components are an important part of when you apologize to any person in your life. The components are listed below:

1. An apology should acknowledge the actions taken by you.

2. The apology should reflect what you felt and you are sorry for the things

3. It should have some plan on how things can be normalized.

4. There should be an actual change in your behavior

5. Also, you need to assure the other person that things won’t be repeated in the future.

You can also see some of the sorry quotes in Hindi to know better about the apologizing criteria.

How can you see the Fake Apology?

A fake apology is not something different, it is just that we get to know from various aspects of the behavior that the person is not sorry about the things, they are just saying to shut the matter. There are some of the factors which show that the person is apologizing fakely and just pretending things. So fake apology is not worth saying, you can see sorry quotes in Hindi to apologize truly and maturely. Some of the factors related to fake apologies are:

1. The voice tone of the person indicates in what sense the person is apologizing.

2. Sometimes it is also noticeable from the body language that person is faking the apology.

3. People when try to fake an apology, they are not able to match eyes with you, as they roll their eyes while talking.

4. Moreover they also try to weaken the other person so that they accept the apology.

5. They also try to manipulate the other person, as they are not truly apologizing for the things truly.

How to Apologize?

Apologizing should be true rest all is secondary. Some people think that it is sometimes hard to say sorry because of many reasons. So here are some of the steps which can help you in apologizing in a good and mature way. You can also check sorry quotes in Hindi for some good references. Some of the steps which can contribute towards apologizing are Never Repeating your mistakes, asking for forgiveness genuinely, you should have regrets about the things you did wrong, ensure that you will normalize things.

There are many types of apologies but ineffective apologies make the person more hurt about things. Because this way you are starting the conversation again on the same topic which hurt the other person. Some types of ineffective apologies are:

1. The Empty Apology: This is the type of apology when you say sorry just in words and don’t mean actually.

2. The Excessive Apology: Excessive apology is when you are not taking care of your actions but excessively saying sorry for the things gone wrong. This way it doesn’t solve the conflict but increases the conflicts between the people as this makes the other person irritating.

3. The Incomplete Apology: This is a type of apology which is not complete. As you are saying sorry, but in an incomplete way. This type of apology covers only some of the elements of sorry.