Muslims who memorize the Quran will be regarded as respected hafiz members of their community, whose knowledge and viewpoint will be sought. There’s a reason they’re revered as much as they are: Memorizing the Quran in its entirety, including perfect pronunciation and diction, is a huge task and a mental and spiritual challenge.

However, just because it’s a challenge doesn’t imply it has to be difficult. There are a few pieces of advice for memorizing the Quran quickly and effectively.

Few Advices For Memorizing The Quran

Have Pure Intention

One of the most fundamental obligations, whether memorizing the Quran or doing anything for Allah, is to cleanse the intention and correct the goal. Thus, memorizing and maintaining the Quran must be motivated by Allah, the Sublime and Exalted, to achieve Allah’s Paradise and gain His Pleasure, as well as the vast rewards that are reserved for those who recite and memorize Quran online.

As a result, there is no reward for someone who memorizes or recites the Qur’an for the sake of showing off and being heard.


Setting goals for each study session, much as those who write down what they’ll eat each day are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t, is good. This is a great approach to getting yourself ready to memorize the Quran.

These objectives don’t have to be huge, don’t try to memorize a full surah in one sitting but they should be specific and attainable. Those who are trying to memorize the Quran should be rewarded for their efforts and given “catch-up sessions” if they fall short of their goals.


Start today and don’t wait if you’ve made up your decision. Start with baby steps. Start by listening alone. Listen to the verses on repeat, until they automatically roll off your tongue. Listen to them while doing any kind of work. 

You should stick to one qari (reciter). Listening also aids in maintaining proper tajweed.


When it comes to learning the Quran, timing is crucial. Set aside a certain time during the day to memorize the Quran. Determine when you are most productive and attentive when it comes to learning the Quran. 

The optimum time to memorize is after Fajr’s prayer in the early morning. The mind and body are both fresh and receptive at that time, and the mind easily stores new knowledge.

Recite During Prayers

Directly speaking and praying to Allah using the words He gave to Prophet Muhammad (SAW) will improve your relationship with Him. Take some time after you’ve memorized a line to reflect on it and its significance in your life. 

Make it a personal goal to memorize five lines for each of the five daily prayers. You might not only succeed in memorizing the phrases but also in understanding their deeper meaning.


There is no special trick to online hifz course UK all you have to do is keep repeating your lesson and memorizing it alongside the previous lesson whenever you move on to the next lesson. There is no quick fix for memory; you must study hard and practice your lessons every day.

Always Make Dua

Make a Dua to Allah for retentiveness and benefits. Every Quran ends with a Dua, which you should recite every time you finish reading it. Memorizing the Quran is a difficult step you can leave in the start or middle or on any step. Always make dua to Allah to give you the courage to complete the memorization process without any break.

Hire A Professional Tutor

While many of the finest Quran recommendations focus on self-study, there’s no doubt that having a good teacher can be more beneficial (and faster) than relying on yourself to achieve your goals. 

Some world-class instructors can assist with not only Quran memorization, but also text interpretation, proper pronunciation, and Arabic language mastery lessons.

Teach Others

Collect a group of friends or family members and teach them the new verses you’ve remembered. Teaching others about something you know is the most effective means of storing it in your long-term memory. 

Teaching allows you to come up with fresh ideas to assist you and your students learn in more engaging ways. This behavior is not only self-satisfying but also gratifying.

Bottom Line

Because the Quran is Allah Almighty’s Book, memorizing it would open all doors of goodness for you. The best you can do is memorize the Quran! For each letter of the Quran you read and memorize, you will be rewarded with ten good acts.

The Quran is a cure-all for all physical and mental ailments. You will not have additional time, boredom, or feelings of concern, fear, or stress if you opt to memorize the Quran. You will be reborn once the Quran has removed all of your worries, grief, and accumulations from the past.