If you’re a recruiter for a position, and you discover that certain credentials are not true You can show empathy and speak to the applicant. Learn the reason for this and assist them to understand that this isn’t acceptable. However, it is fixable.

The odds of finding fake credentials at the level of a brain surgeon are almost nonexistent. However, you will find individuals doing it in other fields and at different levels.

Be sure to do this first!

The first step without a doubt is to verify the information. Knowing if the sources of data are legitimate regarding the false credentials of the candidate is essential.

You don’t want to initiate an exchange only to discover that you’re wrong regarding the issue. Being embarrassed isn’t the best option when you’re in that situation. Make sure you are safe!

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Next Step: Meet with the candidate. By demonstrating empathy.

We recommend a discussion between the candidate and employer before posting every check. If the checks are clear, the discussion would be a good way to begin an effective relationship and team creation.

If the checks are accompanied by red flags, then the discussion is even more important. The discussion should be focused on what can be done to fix the mistake instead of focusing on why the incident occurred.

Examine the reasons why the candidate changed the information. Try to connect it to your previous interviews. This will help you put things to light potential strengths in the person. This could include the ability to convince an individual candidate or dedication, or even the effort.

Consider the way in which the candidate would be a part of the team, keeping in mind the offensive. Find the position that you can provide, and then consider whether the candidate will work with you, and with sufficient checks in the right place.

Be aware that if a candidate has had reached the point of being employed, their worth is indisputable. Try to determine whether a win-win situation is feasible here.

What is the best way to design and implement the employment background screening policy and procedure?

1. Which report options are best for you?

To ensure that you are in compliance with the law regarding discrimination, we advise you to verify all employees and individuals equally. Contact your lawyer at the corporate level to help you determine the appropriate method of background verification for your employees as well as new employees.

2. What do you have to offer?

It is essential to set aside the appropriate amount of time and resources to build the most robust background verification procedure for your business.

You can have an individual recruiter who is to manage every aspect of the background and hiring process.

The setting of a background verification policy

Making a policy doesn’t necessarily have to be a lot of investigation, yet it should require you to be able to document who and what you’ll confirm.

This will ensure that each when your company conducts a background check that it is conducted in a consistent manner and the data gathered is utilized to make the right hiring decision-making.

Policy elements

Background checks can consist of:

  • Criminal criminal records
  • Credit reports
  • Testing for drugs
  • Identity Verification
  • Professional Licence
  • Driving records
  • Checks for references


Step 1: HR managers need to determine if a background check is necessary for the position and what the background check will comprise.

Step 2: If a person does not want to undergo the background check, HR informs them that they will not consider them for the job. If the candidate gives written consent, you are able to begin the background check.

Step 3: After the company has received results from a background check hiring managers have to determine the next steps of the candidate and their position.

Step 4: Hiring managers make sure that applicants have reported on their background checks reports.

Step 5: If there are negative results, hiring managers should inform candidates of ways to challenge the findings.

Section 6: How to Begin with Background Verification for Employees

When you decide to implement employment background checks You must decide what your company’s procedures will be for the program. Making them yourself can be difficult and costly. Right?

If you choose to use the services of a third-party background screening provider. But the typical screening of employees that companies use takes a long time, is expensive heavy on paper, manual, and laborious. What is the best background check option for you?

The positive news!

We’ve developed an application for background checks that let checks be conducted effortlessly and with little effort for both the company and the employee.

Prufens is the new solution to the employee verification problem of being expensive, time-consuming, and not affordable for small companies. Let’s discuss this platform for background checks:

Our Process

We make use of technology and automation to simplify each step of this verification method.

Checks such as ID verification and court record verification can be completed quickly in just a few minutes with the most up-to-date OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology.

Other verification steps such as address checks, education history checks as well as employment histories checks, are taken care of in the first instance by specially trained agents.

Here’s a quick summary of the seamless employee background check procedure:

Buy Verifications: A company that is big or small can purchase as many verifications as is needed.

Simple procedure to begin Human resources department will upload the information needed for the candidate such as name, email address, and phone number.

Online Form Filling and Submission Candidates are notified to fill out an online form in which they will be asked to upload their personal documents.

The Verification process begins: The Verification begins the moment the applications are made. The ID verification process takes only a few minutes thanks to advanced OCR technology.

Dashboard Progress Monitoring Dashboard Progress Tracking dashboard gives a comprehensive view of the progress. It provides the timeline, any differences in credentials uploaded, as well as the checked-in status at any given moment in time.

A detailed online report: Once the verification process is completed the report will be created. Easy!

Advantage over Traditional Background Verification

Seamless It is a seamless process. Our process is simple to use and requires only minimal details and time from both HR as well as the candidate.

Agile Technology: The use of technology such as blockchain and OCR can help reduce verification time. With dedicated on-field personnel will help us get the verifications completed quickly and efficiently.

Transparent Dashboard: Our dashboard provides a layer of transparency for the verification process. At any time HR personnel can examine the development of verification, include ousted candidates look at any differences, and create reports with the dashboard.

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