About Noida

The New Okhla Industrial Development Area, which surrounds Noida, has developed considerably during the previous three decades. Many individuals have moved to the city’s affluent areas. Education has improved significantly in Noida and the literacy rate is high here.

CBSE Schools in Noida

The CBSE curriculum is meant to prepare students for a variety of entrance examinations, including the IIT-JEE and the AIIMS. Furthermore, CBSE adheres to the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) standards in all courses. This makes sure educational consistency, which is one of CBSE’s benefits over other boards.

When do admissions usually commence?

The academic year at most CBSE Schools Noida begins in April, however, new students may be enrolled at any time during the year if seats are available. Any queries you may have regarding the academic programs and extracurricular activities can be answered by the school’s admissions counselors. New students in kindergarten through high school are all welcomed into the CBSE community.

Noida School Admission Process

Admission to most CBSE schools is based on a test. As a result, you must sit for the admission exam on the specified exam day. In the test, give it your best. You will be admitted to the school if you achieve a score of more than 60% on the exam.  The Noida School Admission procedure for the same is:

Step 1 – Inquiry About Admission

Use this link to fill out an online Enquiry Form or go to the school’s admissions office. The school’s counselors should guide you further.

Step 2 – Registration

Parents are urged to stop by the Admissions Office, fill out a registration form, and purchase a prospectus. Please provide a current colored passport-size photo of the child as well as a self-attested Date of Birth certificate. The application form can also be downloaded from the internet by clicking here (Download Form). Please print the completed form, fill in the data, and send the completed form to the school in physical form.

Step 3 – Interaction With The Principal And School Visit

Parents and guardians are encouraged to visit the school to understand more about the culture and pedagogy of the institution. Parents can visit with the principal to chat with him, ask questions, and receive whatever information they require.

The parent is responsible for completing the admissions form and ensuring that all documents are in order. Kindly notify the school if your kid needs special help due to a medical condition.

The Noida School Admission Process (Class- IX)

You will need to provide your ward’s report cards from the 8th and 9th grades. The information will be forwarded to the school’s principal, who will conduct a written examination for pupils interested in Science and Math as subject possibilities. If you desire to proceed with your application following your school tour and receiving confirmation from the school office, you must complete and submit the Registration Form. The following papers must be submitted with the form: the original and one photocopy of the student’s birth certificate. (The original will be returned to you as soon as it has been verified.) Photocopies of 8th and 9th-grade report cards.

What is the usual fee?

The cost structure varies by institution, but on average, it is between INR 1,50,000 and INR 2,50,000. Try getting a reduction on your fees through a scholarship. Many CBSE schools offer scholarships by refunding 40% of the fee if the student has participated in any co-scholastic activities at the national level or if the student has performed brilliantly in academics.

The CBSE Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship program for single female students. CBSE Scholarship, also known as CBSE Merit Scholarship Scheme for Single Girl Child, provides financial aid to deserving female students in class 10 (who are the family’s only girl children) to continue their studies in classes 11 and 12.

How to bag a scholarship in CBSE Schools in Noida?

Keep Applying

Don’t limit yourself to one scholarship because your chances of winning are slim. Apply to a variety of scholarship awarding organizations. Application forms may generally be found on university websites (search under the ‘funding’ page). Similarly, private-funding scholarship applications may be found on their websites. Read all of the terms and conditions of both government and private scholarships. They may include stipulations that you do not agree with, such as requiring the student to return to work in their home country or a specific industry.

Write A Successful Application

Because there are more candidates than the available scholarships, your application must stand out. Bring out your interests, passions, and job experiences in addition to your academic achievements. Make the most of your abilities. For instance, if you excel at arguing, explain how this reflects your mastery of the English language, your speaking abilities, your confidence, and so on. Give a complete picture of yourself, your goals, and what the scholarship can help you achieve. Your chances of getting the scholarship will improve if you write a strong application essay.

Submit Before the Deadline

Once you’ve completed your application, submit it before the deadline. Submit your application well ahead of time to ensure that you are at the top of the queue and given priority over others. If you miss the deadline, your prospects are entirely ruined.

Have Patience

Scholarships aren’t simple to come by, and one of the most crucial qualities to possess is patience. So, take your time. You will be given a scholarship if you are qualified and deserve it.

What are some errors to avoid while applying?

Omitting vital information

During the admissions process, context is extremely important. Every piece of information you provide is taken into account. Students from low socioeconomic origins are evaluated differently than those who come from rich families. You should specify on your application if someone has a learning disability or is a member of an ethnic minority. You must include critical information such as your parents’ yearly income and credentials, as well as whether you have a military background or any other relevant information.

Put it off until the last minute.

Don’t put off your admissions procedure any longer. Remember, the sooner you fill out and submit the form, the sooner you will receive a response. Even if you submit your application on the last day, don’t expect it to be transferred and received. Because schools keep note of when you put in your application form, it might have a detrimental impact on your admissions process.

Forgetting to demonstrate an interest

With social media sweeping the education sector, you must use every chance to create a positive impression on college officials. Show your interest in the potential college by liking their Facebook page, following them on Twitter, and liking their Instagram account. Maintain a clean social media presence because the admissions committee may look at it to analyze your interests.

Insufficient proofreading

Review your application several times to ensure that you haven’t committed any frequent mistakes due to a rush. Do not rely just on word processor features such as spell check; proofread until you are certain there are no errors. You may also have a buddy go through your application. Revising your application form before submitting it might improve your chances of attending your desired college for further education. Although there is a lot to think about when applying to college, if you follow some simple directions when filling out the application form, you should be able to breeze through the process. You may improve your chances of getting into your preferred college by avoiding these frequent blunders.


Regardless of whether you are looking for a high school or not, you must put up the same amount of work in your search. For you, the web is the most useful tool. You will find a better school if you do more investigation. In addition, do not judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Choose a board you are comfortable with.