When it comes to designing an event or choosing the right décor, the whole task is about transforming a space into something inspiring or celebratory! It should be all about making that place into something that a client has dreamt of it or a place that offers a memorable experience. The setup should become a place where people can come to have fun, learn or network!  

Decorating an event should not be about making the place nice as the right décor is capable of bringing life to the event. If done right, it can entirely change the vibe of a venue and actually facilitate greater engagement by the people attending the event. There are various marriage halls in greater Noida that offer the liberty to change the atmosphere of the space!

In fact, when you design something beautiful, it will lead to a higher number of client satisfaction levels overall.

Here are the five core elements of designing décor of that event that you should keep in mind…  

Space or the Venue

This is the base or the foundation to start the design of décor. You should have a clear idea of the space where décor needs to do.

You should be aware of its size, dimensions, its features, or any limitations it has. There should be a clear understanding of the entry and exit of the venue or, where the bathrooms are, the kitchen, the bar and the location of any in-room equipment such as projectors or screens. After that, you need to create a layout to see the balance of positive (furnished) and negative (empty) space. According to that, you can easily plan the decorations.

Lines at the Space

Lines are a really broad term when it comes to décor. To have the perfect design of the décor, you need to have the perfect combination of horizontal, vertical and dynamic lines.

Horizontal lines are basically referred to items that can be added to the décor such as rectangular rugs, tables and floor tiles, whereas vertical lines can be made with drapes, columns and wall hangings. Dynamic lines are the added interest as well as movements, such as curves and angles. These are important to beautify the space! Let us tell you how it works… if your venue has a very high ceiling, then you can fill that emptiness by drawing it closer with the horizontal lines of low hanging lights.

Forms at the Venue

After lines, come forms which are referred to the shapes that needed to be added into the venue such as furniture, props, backdrops, furnishings and so on. They help to maintain a balance in the space and beautify it! You have to choose a mix of shapes to create a striking look. Adding statement pieces such as unusually or boldly shaped furniture or sculptures can also add a little drama to the décor.

Type of Event

After deciding the basics of the décor you need to keep in mind the type of event. It is a wedding, birthday, anniversary or a corporate event. The elements added to the venue will vary as per the theme of the event, be it decorating props, furniture or so on. You can go a little OTT when it comes to a social gathering, but when it comes to corporate events you need to go a little subtle as well as formal.

Colour of your Choice

Colours play an important part in event designing as they set the right mood for the event. They should be chosen according to the effect you hope to inspire in the guests at the event. If it’s a conference then you should go for a cool colour scheme with greens or blues or if it’s an evening of celebration, then go for metallic colours like gold will set the scene.

The colour scheme will then be incorporated in the key elements such as decorations, lighting and printed materials like signage and menus.

Just keep these in mind and you are good to go!