Dave is an absolute savior when it comes to financial advances. It has proven to be extremely beneficial in assisting countless people in covering upcoming bills until their next payment arrives. Indeed, Dave is regarded as one of the top payday lender providers, with a monthly subscription cost of as little as $1 that can be nullified if you purchase things from a specific business.

Top 8 Cash Advance Apps Like Dave

1. Branch

Branch has also been known as an advance payment app that, in terms of usability and quickness, is widely known as cash advance apps like Dave. The branch, on the other hand, does not demand membership dues. The greatest feature about branch is that you might withdraw a portion of your earnings in advance on the very same day. However, your employer must have a Branch account in order to do so. Otherwise, you will be placed on waiting until your employer joins. Additionally, the advance is only valid for the time period during which you worked. To qualify for the advance, you must upload your work hours.

2. Affirm

Affirm is a financing program that enables you to easily divide your internet purchases into monthly installments just like cash advance apps like Dave. Affirm also functions as a no-fee virtual credit card. All you have to do is complete an inquiry on the app and select a payment plan that is acceptable for your spending patterns. After then, you can use Affirm to purchase anything from anywhere. Additionally, you can use Affirm to send money to your family and friends.

3. Ingo Money

Ingo Money offers many of the same capabilities as apps like Dave, such as the ability to access personal checks, cash paychecks, and company checks from any location and at any time. Ingo Money, on the other hand, is faster than Dave when it comes to money transfers. It sends funds in a matter of minutes. Additionally, Ingo Money can be used to make credit card transactions, make transfers between accounts, and purchase Amazon gift cards.

Additionally, this cash advance apps like Dave enables you to enroll in a referral reward scheme. You can earn bonus points here by recommending a code to your family and friends and requesting them to install the application using the code. This function significantly boosts your odds of obtaining an Amazon gift card for free.

4. Speedy Cash

Like other cash advance apps like Dave, Speedy cash is a popular lending app that enables customers to manage multiple sorts of loans from a single location. It enables you to handle your payday, title, and cash advances more effectively. Additionally, Speedy Cash provides a secure platform for making payments, requesting loan refinancing, and selecting a bank account funding option. Additionally, you can use this application to obtain a loan ranging from $50 to $26,000. All of these features combine to make Speedy Cash a great application for borrowing money, maintaining credit lines, and drawing additional cash on current loans.

5. Rainy Day Lending

Rainy Day is a cash loan application that does not provide wage advances or lending services. What Rainy Day does is give you the opportunity to swiftly secure a personal loan. All credit cards are accepted here, and you can also deposit funds immediately into your account by the next working day. Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) vary according to the loan you select. However, it will typically be much less expensive than the cost of insufficient funds fees, late fees, and payday loan interest rates.

6. CashNetUSA

CashNetUSA offers fast and speedy credit anytime it is needed. This application enables you to manage your credit lines and to have access to your account in terms of making payments, viewing cash savings, and requesting a draw. Additionally, CashNetUSA allows you to see your payment history, including both past and future payments. CashNetUSA also provides customers with coupons, discounts, and free financial education.

7. Even Instapay

As with Dave, Instapay provides its users with a variety of financial planning options. It’s beneficial to have some money on hand between paychecks. It’s a wonderful service for budgeting and staying on top of your bills. When you’re in need of some cash, you can just make use of Even Instapay to instantly send a cash advance demand to your bank account. However, your employer must be registered with Even Instapay in order to use this service.

8. Activehours

Activehours is unique among cash advance applications in that it pays you immediately upon completion of your assignment. Activehours work for businesses of all sizes, allowing employees to be paid quickly rather than waiting for their next paycheck. However, none of this is feasible unless your employer also has an Activehours account. Another advantage of Activehours is that you can take up to $100 from your paycheck each day without incurring any additional costs. As a result, Activehours becomes a more adaptable software for daily wage employees.


If you are tired of payday loans, you must hunt for alternative sources of funding. Among the feasible possibilities are cash advance services and loan lending businesses. Dave is a well-known app that provides minor cash loans and assists users in avoiding overdrafts regardless of their work hours. However, ordinary delivery takes around three days. Additionally, some employees may find the monthly membership fee inconvenient.

The aforementioned apps are comparable to Dave and can occasionally assist you in resolving a financial situation. Some of these apps will provide you with a cash advance on your earnings, while others may assist you in borrowing money against your lines of credit. Additionally, you may use these apps to conduct bank transfers, buy-in stocks, and manage your finances. Read about the applications and pick the one that’s right for you.