Identify and delete all similar pictures from Windows 10 to make your picture library clutter-free. Read on to know the best software to do it easily.

A picture helps to capture the priceless moments of our lives. We wish to save those images permanently. But if you have a cluttered image library, then you need to remove similar photos from your PC. To do so, read this article carefully.

Duplicate photos get piled up in your PC over a certain period of time, which consumes a lot of space, and slows down the speed of your system.

If you are too lazy to delete all similar photos manually or find it a daunting task, you should use free and paid versions of duplicate photo cleaners.

There is a lot of software that might confuse you while choosing the best one. After having in-depth research, we would like to recommend to you a few of the best duplicate image finders and cleaner software.

Top 5 Duplicate Photo Finder and Cleaner Software for Windows 10/8/7

A few of the best duplicate photo editing software are given below to clean the twin photos, recover lost disk space on your PC.

1. Quick Photo Finder

     “One of the most reliable duplicate photo finders that easily checks the duplicate files.”

It is one of the finest Quick Photo Finder tools for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 to find identical pictures using intelligent algorithms. This software is free only for the trial version. In case you need to use the advanced features of this application, then you need to purchase it.

Pros of the software

Some of the perks of Quick Photo Finder are given below:

  • Finds duplicate contents quickly.  
  • Performs all the tasks in a safe environment.
  • You can use multiple filters like scanning, deletion, and many more.
  • Different types of formats and extensions are available in this software.
  • There is anAutomarkoption to get all the similar photos except the original one.

Cons of the software

Shortcomings of the program are given below:

  • Non-compatible with older versions of Windows.

2. Best Duplicate Photo Finder

      “A great software to find matching files.”

Best Duplicate Photo Finder is software that helps you to identify and remove similar photos from your system. This software supports all the platforms and provides a lot of options to find similar content. Apart from this, the program uses a protection folder for scanning the result.

Pros of the program

The advantages of Best Duplicate Photo Finder are mentioned below:

  • This software contains a very fast scanning speed.
  • Selection becomes easy using automark.
  • You can preview the photos before deleting them.
  • An ample number of options are available for finding duplicates.

Cons of the program

Disadvantages of the Best Duplicate Photo Finder are given below:

  • This software does not support older versions of Windows.

3. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

“One of the most unique cleaners to remove similar photos.”

This software is one of the simplest tools to identify duplicate photos. It works the same as humans to find the similarities in the photos so that you can declutter the image library easily. Talking about the compatibility of this software, it works with all the versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Pros of Duplicate Photo Cleaner

A few of the merits of this application are given below:

  • Lightweight.
  • Duplicate photos can be removed with a single click.
  • Quick results can be achieved by managing the scanning process.
  • This program removes similar photos in the easiest way.
  • You can turn off or turn on the option to remove empty folders from your settings.

Cons of Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Some of the demerits of this application are given below:

  • This software is costly as compared to others.
  • You may face issues while scanning the complete hard drive.

4. CCleaner

“This is one of the most reliable duplicate image finders software.”

While talking about PC cleaning software, CCleaner comes to mind. Are you curious to know how this app gained popularity? It is its innovative features that help this software remain at the top.

Pros of CCleaner

The following are the perks of the software:

  • Duplicate videos, audio, images, and other files can be found easily.
  • Improves the speed of the PC.
  • Recovers a large amount of disk space.
  • The portable format is available.
  • Size, name, date, and content-based search can be performed.
  • Friendly interface for a novice user.

Cons of CCleaner

Disadvantages of the software are given below:

  • Downloads unwanted addons.
  • The free version offers limited functionalities
  • The Download page is not so simple to understand.
  • Unwanted pop-ups and ads make this app quite annoying.

5. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

“An efficient photo cleaner which maintains the picture library up to the mark.”

Here comes Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder to identify and remove similar photos. It helps you resize, edit and rotate pictures in the easiest way. Apart from that, this software allows you to create a list of similar photos for maintaining records.

Pros of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Some of the positive aspects of the software are given below:

  • Interactive User Interface.
  • Easy to detect similarities between original and duplicate photos.
  • Removed files can be seen from the recycle bin.
  • The software can be used on multiple platforms.
  • Duplicate photos can be scanned in depth.
  • Free from threats, viruses, malware, or adware.

Cons of Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

The negative aspects of the software are mentioned below:

  • Automatic functionality is not available.
  • Only a few features are available.
  • This software does not have an automatic delete option.


Above were the best programs to find and delete duplicate photos. You can go through their pros and cons and use them as per your requirement.

Hope you like the post. In case you know about any other better software, please notify us in the comment section.