At this time the projector plays a major role in our life. This is one of the most important assets for everyone. By using the projector you can easily enjoy a big-screen view. In those days the wireless projectors were used in many places like Schools, Colleges, Shopping malls, Cinema halls.

As we know technology is developing day by day.  And all these digital devices can only run by using an internet connection. So use’s love to use internet connectivity devices because it provides many hand’s free features. If you really want to use a projector that can operate wirelessly and supports an internet connection, Then you can use Vankyo wireless portable projector. It provides you a high brightness level even during the day you can view the screen without any issues. It allows 1920×1080 resolution which will be enjoyable to watch movies.

With this projector, you can easily share images, Play videos securely. You can easily connect this device with your android or IOS and can operate easily. The size is very awesome. It starts from 32 to 170 cm. Which provides you the facility to watch on a big screen. To share any kind of documents or directly play any video to the projector using the smartphone you just need to connect your phone with the projector, So let’s go to know how to connect Vankyo projector to iPhone and the best settings for vankyo projector. You can also use the app. The app has many features. You can easily operate your projector just by using the app.

Some Common Problems of Vankyo Wireless Portable Projector

By using this wireless projector many times users may face lots of issues and get frustrated. Not be worried here we are going to discuss some common issues and solutions :

  • No signal appears on the screen.
  • Sound failure
  • Wi-Fi not connected.
  • Not turning “ON”
  • Projector not working remotely.
  • Projector overheated.
  • Not playing clear videos or blurry images.

These are the common issues that will be faced by users here is the solution. No need to be worry you can manually fix it.

Check the Power Cord is Properly Inserted

If you are facing the “not turning on” issue. You must check the power cord. Sometimes the power adapter gets damaged and it will not pass the electricity. Or the power cable is damaged. Properly insert the power adapter into the electric socket and power it “ON”. Sometimes if the adapter is not connected or loosely inserted it can create “ON, OFF” problems or may also cause short circuits.  Properly plug the power cord tightly then power “ON” the device.

Configure the Sound Settings

If the screen is working properly, Even videos are playing, But there is no sound. Then you must configure sound settings properly. Most of the time users forget to enable the sound settings, Then they will get “no sound input” issues. To permanently fix the issues you must need to open the Vankyo wireless portable projector settings and select the sound option and simply enable it.

Projector Overheating Issue

Many times they will place their projector into a hot area. Due to overheating the projector will not work properly. It may switch off automatically. If the temperature of your room is too high, You will need to replace the location of your projector. Place at the ventilated area or cooling zone. Where your projector will work perfectly.

Update the Firmware or Change Router Encryption Type

In case your wireless projector is not connecting with the wireless router you just need to install the wireless projection software. By visiting the projector official website. Download the software and install it properly on your projector. During vankyo leisure 3 mini projector setup you can change the router encryption type by accessing the router settings. To do this open any browser and type the router default IP and search for it, A new login page will appear. Enter your login credentials and access the settings. Click to security and change the encryption type.

Reset the Vankyo Leisure Projector

Even using all the mentioned steps if the problem is priests. You can perform a  hard reset. But be sure the settings will change to default. And the need to configure your projector again. To perform reset :

  • To access the reset option use the left or right button.
  • Select reset option then click to “OK”

Wait for some time your projector will reset automatically and be prepared to configure your projector once again. In this way, you can easily fix these kinds of issues. For any kind of help related to these issues, you can contact the technical team. This is the best device that provides you with many features. But sometimes it may cause problems. Do not need to be worry. By using the given guidelines you can easily fix all the issues.