Apple’s products have a reputation for offering better security over other products. However, the same feature can be a disadvantage if you somehow forget your iPhone’s passcode. You need to go through a lot of hassle to restore your phone to working status.

While we recommend using Apple’s tools for this purpose, there are ways to unlock iPhone passcode without computer using third-party apps.

Let’ say you need some accounting assignment help quickly, but your only available device is your iPhone. So you try to access it quickly, but hey, there’s the surprise. You have forgotten your phone’s passcode.

What do you do now?

Let’s see the available solutions for this situation.

Use Siri

Siri is Apple’s famous virtual assistant. It can help you automate tasks on your iPhone and take care of most of your stuff through vocal commands. And in some iPhone iOS versions, it is possible to use the virtual assistant for unlocking your phone without a computer.

This method can be handy if you need to look for accounting assignment writers for an urgent task. Therefore, you cannot wait to resolve the issue through a long method. Here are the steps that you would follow in this regard:

  • The first step is to activate Siri by saying, “Hey Siri.” You can also press the home button or speak any of the phrases you have set up for your Siri’s functionality.
  • The next step is the most important one. It would be best to aska question that typically results in a pop-up notification. For example, you can ask Siriwhat the GMT clock is right now. This will display the clock app on your phone, which is accessible.
  • Click on this icon and pick any time zone so Sirican add to your current clock display. The new clock will offer a share button.
  • The sharing option will lead to creating a new message. Here, you can add anything on the “To” parameter.
  • Now, ask Siri to create a new contact as it will take you to the Add Contact screen on your iPhone.
  • Use the Add Photo option to reach the media interface of your Apple phone. This option will ultimately also unlock your iPhone through the Siri interface.

You can now go to the home screen of your unlocked iPhone. Feel free to get that assignment writing help that you need. However, make sure you upgrade your phone’s credentials never to face the same situation again.

Use Find My App

You cannot use the Siri method on all iOS versions. The second option you can try is to use “Find My App”. This application will allow you to access your Apple device settings through another phone. Yes, you can do it without a computer.

If you have the backup data option activated on your iPhone, you can use this method. Please think of this method as a last resort since it will reset all the settings on your Apple device. Your iPhone will forget all its preferences and return to the default version.

If you have Find My App running on your phone, you can use another one to access your device using your Apple ID. Authenticate your ID, and the application will offer you an interface to track your iPhone. You will need to select the option of “find iPhone.”

Choose your iPhone from the list of recognized devices and select the option of erasing the iPhone. It will remove the phone’s passcode along with all the other settings. Therefore, think of it as a last resort because you will have to set up things on your iPhone again. Once you have your iPhone back in your control, you can do what you want, like searching for an accounting assignment writer to complete your tasks.

Remember, you don’t need to worry much about losing your documents or images if you have the iCloud option selected on your device. You can use the same feature on any device other than your computer to update your iPhone and avoid the passcode option that hinders you.

Use LockWiper

You cannot use this method with some help from a computer. Connect your phone to your desktop or laptop and download the iMyFone LockWiper application for your system.

Now, take your iPhone to recovery mode. Based on your version, here are the two methods to get this mode:

  • Hold the side and the volume control buttons together.
  • Hold the home and power key together at the same time.

You can run the firmware application. Clicking on the start unlock feature will trigger the unlocking process of your iPhone.

Use iTunes

It is possible to unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer. However, you may lose all your data and personal settings in most cases. If your need for accounting assignment help can wait for some time, we recommend you choose iTunes to recover your iPhone.

If you have synced your iPhone with iTunes like most people, you will find this method the most suitable one. Just select iTunes on your computer and connect it to your iPhone. Now, choose the restore device option to flush all the settings. Your iPhone is now ready for use without a passcode.

But what happens if your iTunes software asks for the phone’s password before resetting it? It will be troublesome, but you only need to log on to another computer and get on with it. This method will skip the step of sharing the passcode and help you unlock your iPhone without much trouble.

Some Use Cases

What if you bought a used iPhone or your aunt gifted you their old one? You may find the phone has a passcode that has somehow become enabled. There is no point in trying to find the previous owner to get it to unlock. In addition, they may have already forgotten their iPhone passcode.

A working iPhone will allow you to search for good accounting assignment writers, among other benefits. The best way to use a preloved iPhone is to set up a new iTunes account. It will help ensure you are always protected against forgetting an iPhone passcode.

Let’s Wrap It

You can unlock your iPhone passcode without a computer using various methods and software. However, we recommend you use Apple’s iTunes application. It offers excellent options for different settings for your Apple devices. From now on, let’s all ensure we create a backup of our iPhone data and save the passcode somewhere secret to avoid these problems.