Which custom logo design perfectly aligns with your business? Learn the top five logo design types & find a bespoke design for your product.

Are you looking for a custom logo design that perfectly matches your business ideology? 

If you are a startup, a logo design is the first thing people notice about your business. A logo is a visual representation that describes your product, services, and goals to the people. Moreover, the type of logo you choose for your business impacts the customer’s perception. You can select numerous logo crafts that align with your business goals, and become your business identity. Hence, people will remember your business, when seeing your logo in advertisements, products, and the market.

However, in small or large-scale businesses, a logo design is an essential element that ties a knot between you and your customer. Therefore, it must be unique and striking that attract the customer and appeal to you. Since there are numerous logo designs to choose from for your business, so it is easier to get confused. But here, we have rounded up some essential logotypes that let you find the perfect logo for your business.

Which Custom Logo Design Types Perfectly Align With Your Business?

Before having a deep dive into custom logo design types, we will know how much effort is required to drive your business successfully? Or what makes people know about your business?

A lot of effort is required; marketing is an essential step towards your business. It’s a logo representing any business and helps people recall services.

Therefore, it is only possible when the right logotype presents your potential to the people, delivers an accurate message, and ensures conversions.

So let’s take a look at which logotype fits and reinforces your business’s personality?

  1. Wordmark logos
  2. Abstract Style logos
  3. Mixed style logos
  4. Mascot Style Logos
  5. Lettermark logos

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark-type logos are textual logos containing the business’s name or its service’s name. Businesses looking for unique and impressive logos can use this type and embrace professionalism in it. In addition, a professional logo must be clear and concise, and so the wordmark logo. This logo design type is a perfect choice with a customized font selection and exactly represents your business.

Wordmark logos speak your business message professionally and capture customers’ interest. Some famous examples like Google, FedEx, and Disney have customizable designs and an imposing yet detailed logo design.

Abstract Style Logos                           

As the name implies, abstract logos are a type that uses abstract images to design a pictorial type logo. In this logotype, logo designers use abstract geometrical shapes instead of basic shapes. A logo in abstract style elegantly explains the business message through graphical elements and clarifies the business’s uniqueness. Some famous examples are Pepsi, Adidas, BP, and National Geographic. All these logos describe a hidden purpose with their design.

Abstract logos are unique in design, but they take time to create to get the suitable one. If you are planning a large business landscape, this logotype perfectly suits you; it highly associates customers to business with abstract symbols.

Mixed Style Logos

Mixed style logos are another logo design type with fascinating logos. These logo crafts are mixed style, including text, symbols, and icons. In simple words, mixed style logotypes are an all-rounder that possesses all the professional qualities in a creative structure. Most businesses use these types of logos because they are a true example of evoking designs outstanding presenting business ambition.

PayPal, Pepsi, Doritos, Slack, Dunkin Donuts are outstanding examples of mixed style custom logo designs.

Mascot Style Logos

If you want to deliver an instant business message to the audience, choosing mascot-style logos is a good idea. Mascot logos increase customers’ involvement using a character as your business logo. Making a mascot-style logo takes time but returns a creative logo inspiring customers. You can create a logo in a combination of characters with the brand name. Once you are done, bring your character logo to be trademarked for your unique business identity.

Generally, mascot-style logos are used by food industries or restaurants such as KFC, Pringles, Mailchimp, Pillsbury, Kellogg’s, and much more.

Lettermark Logos

A logotype is likely to wordmark the logo but deeply relies on font types. If a business startup is looking for a custom logo design that stands out, then lettermark style logos are best for them. In this logo design type, you can use the initials of your company or product name; usually, the company name is used. Letter mark and logo design uniquely style your logo and give a perfect touch that speaks volumes about your business product. An important fact that must be kept in mind is that the font style must align with your business goal. Make sure the font you are using is not out-of-date; otherwise, it will spoil your logo’s beauty.

Its examples are BBC, IBM, CNN, NASA, and BMW have bespoke professional logo designs.

A Point to Be Noted

An essential point while designing a logo for your business is the color selection. Choosing an appropriate color palette fosters your design and delivers a compelling message. In logo designing, color has a crucial role in visual communication and is explicit the weight of your business. Having a profound knowledge of color theory will help you choose the right color that perfectly fits best to your business type.


Above mentioned are the essential logotypes that you can use for your business. These logo designs are highly scalable and provide countless factors that convert viewers into customers. In addition, these logotypes play an active role in imposing your product concept in consumers’ minds and ensuring conversions for business startups.

It’s up to you which logo design you choose. The design you pick must have a lasting impact on your business. It is essential to perform consistent research and pick out the best design. Lastly, you can also consult with an expert design team that leads you to design a professional logo for your business.