Whatever the situation, whichever subject you study, whether you are a topper or a school dropper, the question of how to study with concentration always hits your mind at least once.

Well, this question might be the one that arises the most number of times a day before the exam when you’ve got no clue how you’ll get the passing grades.

Well as a disclaimer, I am not going to unravel some profound secrets or magic tricks to know how to study with concentration ASAP. But, I assure you that if you sincerely implement the following tips on how to study with concentration, the results would be spellbinding.

And how am I so sure? Because all of these tips are inspired by research, experts, and of course the experiences of students.

But let me remind you again, these tips would merely remain dry words if you don’t SINCERELY, CONSISTENTLY, and PATIENTLY welcome them in your life.

Let’s get started mate!

1. Eradicate Distractions

I know this sounds very common but yes, the best way to stop getting distracted is to eradicate them from your life. As simple as it sounds, the tougher it is to implement in real life. Let us assume social media is your biggest distraction and now imagine suddenly disappearing from all your social media accounts for 3 years. Daunting right?

Well, this is the problem with many of us. The fear of eradicating our distractions from our lives overrides our wish to study. The day you realize that you are giving equal or greater importance to your distraction than your studies, is the day you start respecting your future.

It’s not rocket science to eradicate distractions. Just lock your phone in the wardrobe for 3 hours while studying or tell your friends lovingly that you cannot spend hours hanging out with them because you really have to study. The solution to this problem is right in front of you. You need to have self-control.

2. Make Study Intriguing

Believe me, the black and white textbooks, the small font, the critical diagrams, etc. are a turn-off for most of us. Thus, it becomes necessary to make you feel attracted and motivated to at least open that boring textbook and start studying.

And, how to get started?

  • Make memory diagrams and flow charts instead of writing plain text
  • Start making notes in your own words
  • Use highlighters and different coloured pens to highlight important points and make your notes more attractive
  • Try recording a tough answer and listen to it while doing chores.

3. Meditation & Physical Exercise

Merely sitting at home in front of the book or the phone would only make you hate studying even more. You need to do some kind of physical activity to increase blood circulation to your brain and meditate to feel calm and relaxed. You need to take care of your body and mind from within. You need to feel refreshed to study more productively.

4. Set Timers

Studying and time go hand in hand. You cannot learn a 3-page chapter for 8 hours and neither can you study an entire textbook in one night. Thus, setting a time limit and keeping track of time while studying is crucial. Not only while studying but also while giving mock tests, the habit of keeping track on time helps.  Hence, make sure you keep a clock on your study table or a watch on your hands while studying.

5. Reward Yourself

Just like you give medals to motivate students to run a race; you set rewards for yourself for achieving your study targets sincerely. It might as simple as a chocolate pastry at the end of the week for completing the 4 chapters for the week or something big like a road trip for getting an A* in all subjects. Basically, anything that motivates you to study harder.

6. Hydrate

Giving your body good food and a sufficient amount of water is undoubtedly necessary to make your brain function better. It’s suggested that always keep a bottle of water or glass of water on your study table so that it reminds you of taking a sip of water amidst studying.

Well, that’s it from my bucket of tips to let you know how to study with concentration. I truly anticipate that by now you know how to study with concentration and that my blog really helped you in some or another way. Make sure you don’t merely read these tips but also IMPLEMENT them sincerely with true efforts and patience to reach your study goal.