Germany is full of great holiday destinations and has a lot to offer in terms of landscape. Here we introduce you to four beautiful German regions for nature lovers and show you that you don’t have to go that far for a travel experience in nature.

Where better to slow down than in nature? Nowhere!

You don’t even have to drive far for this because many great places of nature travel this. In this post,, a travel guide website provides the most beautiful nature travel destinations in Germany.

Here is the list of Best Places to Visit in Germany.

# 1 Moselle

Granted, we’re probably a bit biased. But in addition to relaxed towns like our place of residence Traben-Trarbach, you will also find extensive landscapes for hiking and cycling here.

The picturesque vineyards on the banks of the Moselle shape the image of the region. Kilometers of bike and hiking trails invite you to explore nature. Preferably in the direction of one of the beautiful knight’s castles or straight to the next winery for a glass of Riesling.

In addition, there is a special climate, which makes the Moselle region one of the warmest in Germany. What could be better for spending time outdoors in nature?

Best time to visit Moselle?

The classic travel time for the Moselle is from April to October. September is particularly beautiful when wine festivals take place in different places every weekend

It is very quiet on the Moselle from November to March. Some restaurants are completely closed during this time. But the time is very suitable for relaxation and wellness and the hotel prices are often a little lower in winter destinations in the middle of Germany.

But which holiday destinations in Germany are best if you want to spend a few nice days in the country?

Here we show you 4 great travel regions in Germany that invite you to linger in nature.

If you are traveling with a motorhome, you should definitely take a look at our packing list for the motorhome.

# 2 Chiemsee

When we think of beautiful landscapes, we inevitably have to think of the Chiemsee. The so-called Bavarian Sea is a true natural paradise and, of course, cannot be missed among the most beautiful natural holiday regions in Germany.

You can really explore the region all year round – be it in winter to watch the international bird migration or in summer when everything is in full bloom. Chiemgau is hard to beat in terms of diversity and biodiversity. Here, too, you can go hiking and cycling or discover the islands of Herrenchiemsee and Frauenchiemsee, all with an incomparable alpine panorama.

On a tandem paragliding flight, you can experience the beautiful nature around the Chiemsee from a bird’s eye view.

Best time to visit Chiemsee?

The most popular travel time is between April and September. The months of July and August are particularly warm and low in precipitation and are therefore ideal for swimming in the Chiemsee.

Our hotel tips for Lake Chiemsee :

The wonderful  Hotel ChiemseePanorama is located directly on the Chiemsee. The Hotel Kloster Seeon is very nicely located on the Klostersee.

# 3 Baltic Sea

One of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans is the Baltic Sea. The coastal region attracts 7 million visitors annually with its beautiful nature and the fresh sea breeze.

Sand between your toes, imposing chalk cliffs, the cool sea, and dunes as far as the eye can see. Are you getting wanderlust?

Be it on an island or on the coast on the mainland – you can’t go wrong with a vacation on the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea is the purest paradise in Germany.

Best time to visit the Baltic Sea?

The best months to travel here are June to August. During this time the climate is particularly mild and

 it rains little. This is the perfect bathing time for the Baltic Sea.

Our island tip on the Baltic Sea: Rügen

Rügen is the largest island in Germany. With almost 6 million visitors, it is one of the top travel destinations in Germany.

No wonder. The island is a true natural paradise, which is why Rügen’s Jasmund National Park has been a World Heritage Site since 2011. Quiet forests and white sandy beaches invite you to relax and linger while you marvel at the countless sea bays and lagoons.

Our hotel tips for Rügen :

The Hotel Meersinn in Binz is located directly on the sea. Likewise the Ostseebad Hotel Bernstein in Sellin.

# 4 North Sea

Peace seekers and adventurers alike are drawn to the North Sea in Lower Saxony and its many islands. Here you will find the East Frisian islands such as Norderney, Langeoog, or Borkum with their unique nature and long sandy beaches. Just like the beautiful port cities like Cuxhaven, Norden-Norddeich, Wilhelmshaven and so many more.

Hardly any other sea offers as much variety as the North Sea. On the one hand the white sandy beaches and miles of dunes, on the other hand, the rugged cliffs offer a wonderful view of the vastness.

Regardless of whether you want to spend a relaxing holiday on the beach or actively explore the area while hiking or cycling – all options are open on the North Sea. And when we think about it like that, you don’t even have to make up your mind.

Best time to visit the North Sea?

The best time to visit the North Sea is between May and September. During this time you can easily cool off in the North Sea. Most rainy days fall in the autumn and winter months.

Our hotel tips for the North Sea :

The Pura Vida Hotel in Cuxhaven is only 100 meters away from the beach. From the Atlantic Hotel Sail City in Bremerhaven, you have a wonderful view of the sea.

Our island tip on the North Sea: Föhr

The largest island with land connections may be Rügen, but Föhr is the largest island in Germany, completely detached from the mainland. There is a real maritime climate here and Föhr is not called the “Frisian Caribbean” for nothing. No wonder that the island also has an incredible amount of nature to offer.

White beach and azure blue sky – you don’t even have to fly for that. The most beautiful beaches are in Wyk, Nieblum, and Utersum. And if that is not reason enough to visit the island, there is also the Wadden Sea National Park for real nature lovers. This has been a World Heritage Site since 2009 and always offers an exciting spectacle with the tides.

Our hotel tips for Föhr :

We recommend the Duus Hotel, which is very close to the beach. If you like it a little more relaxed, you should check into the  Upstalsboom Wellness Resort Südstrand. If you don’t mind the rough wind and cold temperatures, you can also drive in winter. Expect snow and frost between December and March.

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