In this article, we will discuss some of the failproof ways to sell used phones at your cell phone repair shop.

What if we told you that you could use this huge bull market? Like, right now? Yes! You can add another revenue stream to your repair shop app by selling used phones. Let us explain some of the tips for selling used phones.

Understand the Market

Due to rising costs, consumer demand for mobile phones is growing. The trend comes in the wake of news such as global inflation and the COVID-19 epidemic; Inter alia. Many factors have reinforced the need for pre-owned cell phones – to name a few that stand out as follows:

  • Newly released cell phones come with high price tags, making their accessibility a popular affair.
  • Low cell phone prices allow people to discover new models – in line with their desire to stay up to date with the latest technology.
  • Many customers only want a specific mobile model for a short period of time; making used devices an attractive option.
  • Consumers have become increasingly aware of the negative impact of cell phone production on their environment. Working with used phones, then, makes sense for conservation.

Now that you have your finger on the market, these points should be enough to convince you to include the phone sales in your service portfolio. The need for such devices, as mentioned, is set for growth only.

Find Your Way

As we are new to the business, we understand that you will not know much about where to start. It is therefore our intention to guide you in the implementation of all the work – from start to finish. So here it goes!

Know the Sales Trends

Used smartphones can help grow your cell phone repair shop. Before you can jump into anything new, you obviously need to be more than just your market research game. Research, of course, allows you to increase your sales and purchasing trends in the industry – as well as those that are expected to focus. This information provides a good, accurate angle for making marketing strategies. Focusing on buying and displaying real models makes for a decent sale. Allowing a complete service allocation to achieve huge profits, in other words.

Another effective way of thinking is to conduct a customer demand survey on your social media platforms. This will help you define your buyer persona. To automate the process, you can turn to the use of powerful POS software – which can allow you to generate a smart sales report for the item. And one solution is to look at all kinds of marketing styles in the existing market. Stay tuned for these ideas.

Contact Your Providers

The next step is to contact a trusted supplier. Or several. Get bulk orders – a no-brainer if you want to get group discounts. In addition, when you shop at supermarkets, you can even find used phones from manufacturers – sometimes even factory prices – below their retail prices. Another benefit of getting devices from a supplier is that they will be rigorously tested – for full functionality – by their internal team of experts. This inspection ensures that they arrive in excellent condition for resale. Reduce your daily search effort – just ask any store owner. Another benefit of shaking hands with a reputable supplier is a trouble-free purchase. Not to mention the Safe-Return procedures and Money-Back Guarantee offers.

Great savings on time and energy. We will now enter phase 2; directly related to the sale of these used materials. You will need to steer clear to get through this maze.

Use bulk Product Method

For many people, the prospect of buying a device with a set of related resources for part of their per capita cost is tempting. So if you are at this point in your sales journey, make it a habit to take advantage of the large donations.

Tell Them When It’s Time to Change Device

Guide the client through the beauty of changing the device instead of fixing it. Give them an explanation of the costs involved in both methods, and show them clearly how they benefited from the previous ones. The said process will also help you build good relationships with your customers. It will improve clarity, let them know they can trust you.

Find an Opportunity to Sell

As we all know, not all used phones come with apps. This is your chance to play an exciting provider – and sell it! Note that no customer wants to purchase the device and the device in two different locations. So in speaking, you are doing something – if it is equally beneficial – kindness.

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