Are you looking for stylish and unique Barbie cake designs or birthday cakes designs online? Check or read these unique cake design ideas.

Barbie’s have been one of the most treasured toys among children for decades. It has been in the spotlight for numerous generations and is still cherished in the same way. There is innumerable Barbie merchandise available in the market that is one of the most preferred gift ideas to surprise a child. If you have a little Barbie lover in your home, then amaze them with the most trending Barbie cakes designs via online cake delivery services for birthdays. We are sure your child will love this remarkable & adore it all their life.

They have a wide assortment of Barbie cake designs at various online birthday cake stores as there are so many Barbie dolls in the market. A Barbie cake for your child’s birthday would be such an excellent option. Barbie dolls do not just doll children play with, they are fashion majesty, and their style is truly iconic. We make sure we offer you the chicest Barbie dolls so that your kid would be in wonder of the unique cake all through their memorable day. So if your child’s birthday is around the corner, then check out our array of Barbie theme cakes & thank us later!

Red Barbie Cakes

You should buy something original for the princess’s birthday and amaze all the guests at the celebration. Make your daughter stand out from the guests at the party with a yummy Red Barbie cake. The tasty cake as the gorgeous Barbie wearing red will increase the smile on your girl’s face. Websites online also offer Barbie cakes in a variety of dimensions, styles and flavors. You can also request customizing the flavor and models you like. The Online Birthday Cake amaze everyone during the celebration and make a splash on your daughter’s birthday.

Barbie cake toppers for girls birthday

Pink Barbie Cake Design

Nothing can go awry with the traditional pink Barbie cake. This is the all-time preference cake for baby girls, and it’s created with the most elevated quality ingredients & tons of love. We don’t know if it’s the lovely shade or the mouthwatering flavor that makes this cake stand out at parties, but we are confident that it’s going to carry a smile to your daughter’s face.

Barbie cake decorations for birthday

Barbie cake decorations pink

Chocolate Barbie Doll Cakes

Barbie chocolate cakes are a traditional preference of cakes for most people. And chocolate is one of those savors that is adored by all. So when you are having a get-together bash, you would desire to get a cake that would make everyone pleased. Many children gather Barbie’s with plenty of interest & effort. Their Barbie pack is their pride for half of their childhood. Any visitor arrives, any buddy comes home, the first thing a Barbie lover would do is show their incredible Barbie doll collection.

Barbie chocolate cake

If you have someone who is a Barbie enthusiast in your household ensure that they are happy with our amazing cake made of chocolate Barbie doll cakes. We guarantee that you’ll delight your child. In the end, Barbie dolls are super iconic characters which have been a integral part of the lives we live for a long time. It is evident that they are loved and well-known among kids. A Barbie cake that has the most delicious chocolate flavor will be the greatest surprise for any child. Therefore, hurry up and look through various cake sites for the most delicious cake for Barbie chocolate today-online cake delivery from the cake shop Mumbai is now available!

Barbie Royal Cakes Design

Does your daughter adore playing dress-up with her Barbie’s? If yes, this is the ideal or best cake design for you. This lovely Barbie royal cake has distinct shades that make it look pretty.

Barbie royal princess doll

Barbie Doll Theme Cake Design

This Barbie doll-themed cake design by Aubrey is sure to create your small girl’s day. The cake doesn’t just look appealing, and it tastes scrumptious too. It will serve as a cherry on the cover at the party. Get your hands on this cake created by one of the finest and most experienced bakers.

Ingredients: Barbie cake for birthday

1 (18 ounce) box cake mix, 1 Cup water, 1/3 cup vegetable oil, 3 eggs, 2 cans frosting (16 ounce), 2 tablespoons candy sprinkles.

How to make Barbie cake for birthday – How to make Barbie birthday cake for your little angel (Recipe)

  1. Preheat oven at 350° F (175 to 175 C). Grease a 2 quart ovenproof Pyrex glass mixer bowl using shortening, then dust it with flour. Trim the tops of the tube cakes until they are the level. Trim the flat edge on the bottom of the bowl until it is an even level. Make a cut in the middle of the cake that is the length as it’s Barbie doll. Place one cake, with the cut side facing up on a cake platter. Set the other tube cake cut side down, on top then the cake with the trimmed side down on the top. Place 1 cup of frosting on each layer.
  2. Make cake according to directions on box. Pour the batter into the bowl you have prepared. Take off all clothes from the doll, and then wrap her hair using plastic. Place the doll in the hole in the cake bowl up to its waist. Make use of half the frosting left to cover the cake’s exterior fully, spreading evenly to create the skirt on the doll.
  3. Bake for 50-60 minutes or until a cake tester placed in the center is clear. Let cool for 15 minutes. Tint remaining frosting by adding food coloring until you have the desired color. With cupcake liners and tips for decorating, decorate the skirt and upper part of the doll using colored frosting, if you want. Remove the plastic from the hair of the doll and serve.
  4. Invert cake onto cake plate, placing the most of the cake’s width at the base. Cool 3 hours before decorating.
  5. Place a clean doll in the middle in the center of the cake. Decorate the skirt using frosting tinted with any color, or choose several colors. Use a tip for decorating in order to dress the skirt look as extravagant as you would like. You can also make the top part of your doll as on the top.

Nutrition Facts Per Serving:

508 calories; protein 1.9g; carbohydrates 85.9g; fat 17.5g; cholesterol 0.9mg; sodium 424.7mg


Barbie dolls are one such franchise that has been a component of every household with children. It is not very comfortable to be everyone’s choice, but Barbie dolls are undoubtedly a prized possession for every child. We are optimistic to let you know that we have a comprehensive assortment of mouth-watering Barbie doll cakes that will be an excellent idea to stun your child.

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