This article about Top 6 Video Animation Companies to do Business with in 2022

Static websites and online platforms with monotonous content look boring now. After all, we live in a modern world where everything seems magical. And why not so?! We’re looking at different marvels of technology with ever-changing sides. Similarly, video animations and motion graphics have blown soul into our digital world.

Nowadays, websites look like real-time shops with so much to show due to the exuberant happenings. There are tons of software houses out there that provide awe-inspiring graphic artworks. But you need to be careful when picking the best Video Animation Company In California. The Video Symmetry USA is a big name in this regard. It offers valuable services that add eye-catching driving forces to your websites

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Surprisingly, video animation saw its first dawn in 1908 when the French artist Émile Cohl drew. Despite having a rich century, motion graphics are pretty new to the digital market. First, they were thought to be only used in television ads and add special effects in films. But now, they’re fluttering with their full-grown wings.

However, you need to be careful when picking a company to incorporate with your brand. Choose the one that feels close to your company nature-wise. Below are the top six video animation companies that can propel your business skywards. Here are the best Video Animation Companies

1. Animation Iconix

It’s a reputable company that everybody loves. It leads the digital marketing space with its top-drawer services. Animation Iconix experts provide stunning video animations to startups and other eCommerce brands. Also, it ensures everything they provide to their consumers is in excellent condition. It’s one of those digital houses that uses users’ feedback as fuel. They flourish on their skills by keeping these reviews in their mind. They refine gold out of constructive criticism. For them, customer reviews and tasks appraisals are everything.

Besides, consumers are the primary handlers of whatever is done. They provide handy information to the in-house experts of Animation Iconix. Furthermore, they’re famous for creating long-lasting relationships with deserving businesses. They love to work in cohesion with other brands. It helps them to expand their business across the globe.

2. Animation Cruise

If you wish to partner with an animation company that puts all the eye candies on the table, this is it. Animation Cruise tops the game by providing state-of-the-art motion graphic applications. Their in-house digital artists are inventive and crave to create original works out of the blue. They are not copycats. Instead, they stick to their award-winning video animation services. The teamwork they showcase with their projects is phenomenal. No wonder why every other third party wants to give them high fives; befriend them with their business programs.

Furthermore, Animation Cruise provides comprehensive eCommerce solutions. Popular services include website designing, branding, logo designing, and topflight video animation services.

3. Website Iconix

Unquestionably, this company attributes to 100% genuine customers’ satisfaction. Website Iconix is a famous motion graphics company with a good reputation for making friends. Nonetheless, they do not throw seeds at every bird that flies high in the sky. Instead, they pick the most exotic feathered creatures out of the drove. Since they’re new to the digital marketing space, they, too, require crossways and shortcuts to expand their brand’s reach.

Website Iconix provides excellent business solutions and partners with similar brands to promote their services. It offers top-of-the-line video animation services. Their in-house experts are famous for their incredible 2D artworks, 3D modeling concepts, whiteboard illustrations, and short videos.

Top 6 Video Animation Companies to do Business with in 2022

4. Digital Iconix

Another big name in video animations, Digital Iconix, is an excellent choice if you want to streamline your business. It’s a company that offers all the ABCs any client could expect. However, their motion graphics services are numerous. It includes a vast collection of motion graphics you can choose for your eCommerce business.

Furthermore, Digital Iconix thrives on providing customers with contemporary digital arts. They sometimes go old-school, but only if the clients require ancient video-clip transitions. But generally, they fill your online business space with vivid video animations. They provide top-drawer motion graphics services. Sadly, their prices are a bit too high for startups and those looking for recommendations.

5. Animation Barrel is one of the Top 6 Video Animation Companies to do Business with in 2022

Best known for their expressive explainer videos for entrepreneurs and international companies, Animation Barrel creates spectacular animated content. The in-house professionals are sound in motion graphics, 2D animations, typography, and whiteboard animations. Regardless of your video animation demands, Animation Barrel does everything in its power to blow away your target audience. They create epic video animations for your online business.

In addition, Animation Barrel is a famous digital house. They also befriend companies as their brand representatives. But sometimes, they, too, outsource work due to the long queues on their platforms.

6. Switch Video

Currently, Switch Video is only flourishing in terms of its in-house staff size. Now it’s like they’ve gone in deep sleep mode for a while. Now you might be thinking – wait, what? Why is this included in this post in the first place? Well, they were the ones that cornered every competitor. They had their golden age of video animations long before others. Their clientele is a colossal hive holding more than 500 clients/brands. According to reports, no one came near their breathtaking explainer video animations. They’re also regarded as the best players for making live-action videos.


Additionally, you can do internet research yourself to find the most suitable one. First off, ponder their website and look for cues that stir your imaginations. If it feels dull and off-putting, leave the site immediately. Look for the “wow factors’ that turn on your imaginative senses. Plus, never disregard client testimonials, portfolios, and case studies. These social proofs act as a looking glass to show you the true face of the professional company you’re about to hire.

Inspect every waving leaf and examine every pebble to ensure you’re hiring the right guys. But sometimes, it’s better to go through a quick recipe to prep the best dish, i.e., hiring reputable companies worldwide. Good luck!