You can make a huge difference in your sleep quality, weight loss, and other symptoms if you have begun to experience menopause symptoms. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

Menopause is a normal part of life. Hot flashes and night sweats, mood swings, incontinence, vaginal dryness, and UTIs can all be symptoms of menopause.

What is the reason people gain weight after and during menopause?

According to the Office on Women’s Health (OWH), Trusted Source, many women gain 5 pounds when their estrogen levels drop. Estrogen is a hormone that regulates menstrual cycles and helps develop and maintain the breasts and skin. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

OWH refers to some conditions that can develop with low estrogen levels. These are best supplements for menopause.

  • Stroke -Women older than 55 have a greater risk of suffering a stroke. Low estrogen levels can cause bad cholesterol accumulation on the walls of the arteries that lead to the brain.
  • Urinary Incontinence: This can happen after menopause when the urethra becomes weaker.
  • Osteoporosis: This is a condition where the bones weaken. This can happen after menopause when the body loses bone mass rapidly.
  • Dry mouth, cavities, and other oral issues can occur in years following menopause.

Better Health Channel says that other factors can also cause weight gain. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

  • Aging
  • chemotherapy
  • Reduced physical activity
  • Obesity Family History
  • Antidepressant Medication

Supplements can help menopause weight gain.

There is not enough evidence to prove that weight loss supplements work for people with and without menopause symptoms. Therefore, we recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Trusted Source, some companies sell products that can help women manage their menopause symptoms and market these as dietary supplements. These products claim to reverse weight gain, hair fall, and other signs of aging. However, they could be dangerous to one’s health. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Trusted Source, these weight loss products are not supported by any evidence. In addition, the NIH states that weight loss products can interact with other medications and are costly. Therefore, we recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

If you have any questions about these products, it is best to speak to your doctor.

The NIH lists the following common ingredients in a dietary supplement for weight loss:

  1. Chromium: This mineral is needed by the body to regulate blood sugar. A 2019 review trusted source. The results of research on the effects chromium supplementation had on people with obesity revealed a 1.65-pound weight loss and a 0.68% decrease in body fat percentage.
  2. Caffeine: A 2016 study by Trusted Source revealed that teens who consume a lot of caffeine might suffer from depression, insomnia, stress, and trouble concentrating at work.
  3. Green tea extract: According to the University of Rochester Medical Center, green tea extract can cause liver issues. Symptoms include nausea and stomach discomfort. It can also decrease the effectiveness of nadolol (a drug used to treat high blood pressure).

A 2019 study suggests that regulations should be made requiring diet supplements that claim to help reduce weight or build muscle to prove their claims and comply with safety protocols. Researchers found that people who took these supplements were almost three times more likely than those who used vitamin supplements to require emergency or hospital care. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

A 2021 study trusted source states that there isn’t enough evidence to support the effectiveness of weight loss supplements. Therefore, it is vital to verify the scientific evidence before purchasing dietary supplements. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

Best Menopause Supplements For Women

One-A-Day Menopause Formula

You don’t need to remind yourself to take your pills. You can decrease the discomforts of menopause by taking just one tablet per day. These capsules contain vitamins C, D, E, B6, and B12 and calcium, magnesium, and soybean isoflavones. They are designed to relieve mood swings and hot flashes, increase energy, maintain bone health, prevent skin problems, improve mood, and promote healthy skin. Sonya said that she loves this Amazon Choice Pick. I noticed a significant improvement in my night sweats and hot flashes after just three weeks of using this product. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

Menopause Support

NOW has been a trusted brand in supplement manufacturing since the 1960s. Their menopause support supplement contains a soothing mix of herbal extracts and essential ingredients to make it easier to go through menopause. It’s also nut- and egg-free so that vegetarians can consume it.

Susan said, “I saw results after just one dose. For several months, I’ve been experiencing night sweats and hot flashes. I took three capsules before I went to bed on the day I received my order. I didn’t feel any night sweats in the early morning hours—no hot flashes when drying my hair. There’s no need to turn on the fan at work every 30 minutes and then switch on the heater. It works great for me. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

Life Extension Advanced Appetite Suppress

Life Extension’s menopause supplement contains white kidney bean extracts. This helps maintain the balance in gut hormones that control appetite satiety and may decrease the desire to snack.

This product is free of genetically engineered organisms (GMOs) and gluten-free. So it’s suitable for vegetarians.

The company suggests that users eat healthy meals and frequent exercise while taking these supplements. In addition, one capsule should be taken twice daily before eating.

Each bottle comes with 60 capsules and a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

HUM Counter Cravings

Counter Cravings supplements contain chromium and forskolin. This product can reduce cravings, increase metabolism, and improve relaxation.

The product is vegan, gluten-free, and contains no GMOs or artificial sweetness.

One bottle contains 60 capsules, which can last for a month. The company recommends that you take one capsule twice daily with food. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

Estroven Menopause Relief Weight Management

These menopause supplements include black cohosh as well as Cissus triangularis. They can help reduce hot flashes night sweats and maintain weight. Additionally, also contain gelatin and magnesium stearate.

These are free from hormones and preservatives and contain no lactose or gluten.

Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

Align Probiotic Supplement 24/7 Digestive Support

Align Probiotics’ supplements include a probiotic strain of Bifidobacterium and other ingredients such as gellan gum and magnesium stearate.

These products are vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free.

These products claim to decrease abdominal discomfort bloating and support the digestive process. Common symptoms of menopause include abdominal pain and discomfort. Source:

Each container includes 14 capsules. We recommend the best menopause supplement for weight loss.

Slimming gummies for weight loss, read our full guide.

HUM Fan Club

HUM Fan Club products contain Siberian Rhubarb extract, Lactobacillus Plantarum, grapeseed extract, and Lactobacillus Plantarum. This product treats hot flashes, night sweats, and vaginal dryness.

These probiotic supplements may also help reduce stress and muscle discomfort.

The University of Chicago Medical states that menopause can lead to irritability and mood shifts. In addition, women may feel stressed, which can cause worsening symptoms.

It is important to understand how to manage stress by engaging in activities such as yoga.

Each 30-capsule container contains one supplement. One person can take one capsule per day along with their meals.

WomenSense EstroSense by Natural Factors – menopause supplement for weight loss

EstroSence’s natural antioxidant ingredients, such as green tea, milk thistle, and rosemary, are designed to restore hormonal balance. This daily supplement is non-GMO, gluten-free, and helps regulate estrogen. Many users report a significant difference in their moods after taking it.

J. wrote, “This product is great.” My doctor highly recommends it for women going through menopause. Within weeks I felt amazing.”

Caro, a reviewer, said that she noticed a significant improvement in her metabolism and symptoms during menopause. “It’s great.”

Tobias Enlightened Women

This all-natural supplement by Dr. Tobias is a clever combination of soy isoflavones and black cohosh root, red sage, red clover, red clover, and wild yam. It’s effective in reducing the symptoms of menopause. In addition, it promotes a healthy libido.

One satisfied customer wrote, “Helped relieve hot flushes and improved my libido.”

DrFormulas Menopause Support – menopause supplement for weight loss

DrFormulas’ Menopause Support Supplement, formerly known as Mendapause, is now a favorite choice for women who want to reduce hot flashes. It contains a unique combination of black cohosh and red clover, flavonoids or plant chemicals, and isoflavones (found chiefly in beans), which helps reduce heat spikes, irritability, and night sweats. One 5-star review states, “I was 51 years old and had hot flashes all day (sometimes up 12-15), and night sweats almost every night. But, of course, I won’t mention the moodiness. Since my first delivery, I took two pills every night and have not had one hot flash or night sweat ever since!

Health Balanced Femme – menopause supplement for weight loss

This Balanced Femme liquid drops formula is Amazon’s No. 1. It contains six powerful natural ingredients that can help you get rid of symptoms, such as black cohosh and red raspberry leaf. It is the No. 1 seller in the dong Quai herbal supplement category, with many users raving about its effectiveness. A registered nurse wrote that this product is truly unique. It took me less than a week to become a believer. My hot flashes decreased, and my moods stabilized. It is amazing to me, and I have recommended it to all my friends.

Remifemin Menopause Therapy – menopause supplement for weight loss

Remifemin’s menopause supplement is an excellent natural alternative to HRT. This black cohosh support vitamin, free of estrogen, has been shown to effectively relieve symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, anxiety, sleep problems, and mood swings. One customer said, “I cannot take HRT because of my family history with breast cancer. This product is an alternative.” In addition, “I barely noticed any hot flashes after just one week of only one tablet per day.”

The Genius Brand Genius Estrogen Balancing – menopause supplement for weight loss

This 100 percent vegan supplement from The Genius Brand has received over 1000 Amazon reviews. It contains grape seed extract and dims to balance estrogen reduce mood swings and hot flashes during menopause. Users also reported that the supplement helped with weight problems related to menopause. For example, one customer said that the weight and bloating of constant water were gone after one day.

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