Indian Railway is one of the most popular and convenient modes of transport, especially for the long journey. We all love travelling via it. Undoubtedly, it gives us a memorable experience for a lifetime. It offers comfortable space, changing landscape, and lots of gossip with fellow passengers. 

But one thing which worries us is the availability of healthy and hygienic food on train. Because of the rush of packaging and reaching the station on time, it becomes tough to cook food for the journey. Additionally, If we pack home food, having it during our whole journey can be boring. There are also possibilities that food gets contaminated and can come in contact with bacteria & viruses due to temperature changes or certain reasons.  

Considering this problem of train travellers, Indian Railways has started e-catering services in 2015 that delivers hot, safe and hygienic food on the train directly from the restaurant to your berth or seat.

Ordering Hygienic Food in Train with Easy Steps

1. Order With Food Delivery App 

Ordering food on the train through a food delivery app, ‘RailRestro’, is One of the best and most convenient ways. This user-friendly app provides services on 450+ stations, including major railway stations like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore etc. You need to place your food order delivery on the train app at least 45 minutes before. To order hygienic food on the train, follow these few steps. 

  • Download the RailRestro app.
  • Enter Your PNR no. mentioned on your ticket or Train No., Boarding date and station
  • Choose Veg Food/Non-Veg Food/ Jain Food for yourself from the menu list of Restaurants
  • Proceed to the payment page and opt for online payment mode to ensure zero-touch delivery
  • Now, wait for the train to reach the station (From where’s the restaurant you have chosen) to get the food delivered

With the RailRestro app, you can also pre-book your food, especially when travelling in a group. 

2. Your Food Order is Just a Call Away

Facing network issues or simply not willing to browse food items on your smartphone? No worries! Just call on 8102202203 and talk to the RailRestro agent. They will help you in choosing a meal and book the order. You need to share your PNR no. and the station name where you want to receive food orders with them. This call facility will also help you when your parents travel via train and are not tech-friendly. This will be a perfect way to order hygienic Travel Khana.

3. Visit Website to Order Food For You

Another easy and convenient way to order hygienic food online on train is by visiting the website of RailRestro. Type RailRestro on a search engine through a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet to access the website. A box will be displayed on the website screen where you need to enter PNR no or Train no. to proceed with the order. However, if you provide train no, you need to enter PNR no on the order detail page along with your name, email id, mobile no. etc.

In a world where COVID-19 is at its peak, and good health has become a luxury to live a happy life, taking care of food hygiene is very important. The entire team of RailRestro, from the cooking staff of restaurants to delivery boys, follow all the safety and health measures to ensure your safety.  

Food Hygiene 

Sometimes many of us don’t understand what food hygiene is and how we can ensure that the food I get delivered on the train via the food delivery app is hygienic or not. According to WHO, there are 5 key principles of food hygiene :

  1. Preventing food contamination with bacteria, viruses or any microorganism that can cause disease to spread from human beings, pets and pests.
  2. Keep raw and cooked food separate from inhibiting the cooked food from getting contaminated.
  3. Cooking food at the proper temperature and suitable time to kill bacteria and viruses.
  4. Storing food at the appropriate temperature
  5. Using fresh water and raw materials for preparing food

How RailRestro E-Catering Ensuring Food Hygiene on Train

The latest threat of coronavirus, which is still updating itself, makes us more worried about food hygiene. COVID-19 can spread through human contact, droplets of sneeze or cough of the contagious person or through touching the mouth or nose with contaminated hands. Hence, Apart from WHO’s key principles, we need to take more precautions to ensure food safety. FSSAI has released new guidelines for hygienic food delivery.   

1. Contactless food delivery 

Maintaining social distance is the most important step to preventing Coronavirus spread. FSSAI advises both online food delivery providers and receivers to maintain social distancing. Precissing FSSAI guidelines in the context of online food delivery on train, the delivery boy needs to call the customer first before reaching them and place food packets near the passenger’s seat/berth. It is essential to ensure zero hand to hand contact.

2. Sanitation is essential

Passengers should wash their hands for a minimum of 20 seconds or apply an alcohol-based sanitiser before receiving food on train. The processes need to be followed after receiving the order as well. Hand Sanitation is important for both the delivery person and passenger. FSSAI also advises the customers to sanitise food packets before opening them.

3. Cashless Delivery

FSSAI guidelines suggest avoiding cash on delivery and paying online. There are various online payment apps such as phone pay, Paytm, Google Pay etc. However, if you use debit or credit cards during payment, sanitise them before and after the use. 

4. Must wear the masks

It is necessary to wear a face mask to ensure your safety and everyone you surround. During the food delivery on the train, both; the delivery individual and the consumer need to wear the mask. 

5. FSSAI Registered Restaurants

Ordering food from FSSAI registered restaurants is very important to ensure food safety. Food Delivery Apps like RailRestro only partnered with FSSAI registered restaurants, making it credible to order food on the train.

Food hygiene is the most important aspect of the RailRestro E-catering provider. It takes immense effort to maintain the quality of good food service, and RailRestro is committed to this. It serves veg, Jain, sattvik, and festival special thalis like Navratri thali, Holithali and more. In addition, you can also order cake, desserts, and Pizza on the train. 

“We care for the health of passengers and provide quality meals on trains. In order to ensure hygiene, RailRestro and its food partners ensure to follow the FSSAI protocols strictly. We constantly monitor every step i.e, sanitisation, storage, food preparation, packaging, delivery etc. So, the passengers always get meals that are delicious, healthy, and hygienic.”

  • Manish Candra, CEO, RailRestro 

Besides, you can also check PNR status, Live train running status, train timetable, and get detailed information about Indian Railways Stations on RailMitra. You can access this online platform via its website and app, available for download on the Google Play Store.

A true journey inspires you to explore more in the world you live in. Indian Railways is the best way to explore incredible India with tasty food during your trip.