According to the law, anyone who has moved into Seattle to stay should acquire a Washington State driving license within thirty days. Finding a Seattle driving school that offers unique courses for students to obtain the required driver’s licenses is simple. Whether you are a teen, an adult acquiring a driving license for the first time, or you want to improve your skills, there are programs to fit your needs.

Driver’s Test Requirements

A driver’s instruction permit is required to practice driving on the Washington roads if the student is under eighteen. Their parents must sign permission allowing them to obtain the permit. The Department of Licensing (DOL) also expects the teen to pass the driver’s knowledge test. The following steps are also required:

  • A parent or a licensed guardian must supervise their teen student for 50 hours out of class and ten hours driving at night.
  • Students should enroll in a driving school that is licensed and certified under the Washington State laws. You may ask to see the certificates.
  • Parents should verify the driving school meets Washington State curriculum requirements.
  • The student must also pay a fee for the license or permit according to their state’s required cost.

The Washington Approved Curriculum

For a student to undergo a driver’s test, they must have gone through the following program set under the Washington State legislation:

  • Classroom instructions: 30 hours with a maximum of 2 hours per day
  • Practice driving: 6 hours with a maximum of 1 hour per day
  • Behind-the-wheel observation: 1-hour minimum

The teen must obtain a license that meets Washington minimum requirements if they have a license from another state. Washington State disapproves of online and parent-taught traffic as a course.

Driving Programs at Driving Schools in Washington State

Where would the world be today if there were no traffic rules? Worse still, what can happen if driving schools are allowed to develop programs as they wish without requirements? Roads can be chaotic and uncontrollable.

Teens Drivers Education

Teenagers who acquire their first driver’s licenses often experience an “over-this-world” feeling. This is why the teen driver’s education program aims to train them to become safe and responsible drivers on the roads.

Apart from learning theories and instructions in the classroom, students also get actual driving hours to enhance their defensive driving skills. At the end of the program, the teen students acquire the knowledge, skills, and techniques to pass the driver’s test.

The Washington DOL advises students to thoroughly read the driver’s guide before setting off for a driver’s test to familiarize themselves with all the requirements.

Adult Driver Education

This program does not dictate the age of the adult student — as long as you desire to learn driving, a Seattle driving school can cater to it. There are programs available for inexperienced adults who need additional driver training to gain confidence on the roads.

Most adult driver education programs aim to provide skills to drivers who have driving licenses or driver’s permits. They train not only to help such students acquire more driving skills but also to become better and safer drivers on the roads.

Defensive Driving Classes

To say that defensive driving skills can save your life is an understatement, Anything is possible on the road; even the best drivers can fail to control a bad situation in an emergency. The driving schools in Seattle develop such courses to equip drivers with the knowledge and skill to anticipate a bad situation and maneuver their way out of it.

Defensive driving graduands will:

  • Improve and increase knowledge of traffic laws
  • Gain skills of being alert and maneuvering the vehicle to avoid collisions
  • Potentially lower auto insurance costs
  • Learn the latest safe driving techniques and strategies
  • Learn how conditions and circumstances affect people, cars, and roads

At the end of the program, the driver can use their instincts to foresee danger on the road. Bad roads, dangerous drivers, or poor weather conditions can cause road threats. Drivers can deter a collision or rolling of a vehicle to save their lives. Many insurance firms also have a discount offer for drivers who hold a defensive driver’s license.

Why Enroll at Seattle Driving School?

Look for a licensed Seattle driving school with expert instructors. Driving can be a dangerous adventure, so those carrying out the training must be very experienced professionals. Instructors should have up-to-date information on the latest traffic laws and enforcement to impart the same knowledge to drivers.