With the advent of the internet and computers, nearly everyone has their opinions. We find a unique “xresolver” platform that allows us to convert Microsoft’s Xbox Gamer tags and usernames into another form, such as a Short form. Let’s now talk about the “xresolver.”

You want to convert the usernames and tags of Sony’s PlayStation Gamer and Microsoft Xbox gamers into a short IP format. You will need to search for a platform that allows you to change Usernames or gamer tags into shorter IPs.

What’s xResolver?

Simply put, an Xbox resolver (or xResolver), also known as PlayStation resolver, is a web-based database that contains IP addresses. It includes an IP address based on Gamertags, which are gamer sports. Their website declares them a ‘Gamertag-to-IP address resolver’ for gamers who frequently use Xbox, PlayStation, or computer games.

xResolver is an Xbox resolver that scrapes data, including an Xbox player’s username and IP address. It also uses bots to extract their ISP address.

The PlayStation resolver is also part of xResolver and does the same for PlayStation gamers. This website has a double-edged sword. It can help you determine if an anonymous player is a hacker or expose your information to potential hackers and DDoS attacks. The website claims that the following is possible:

This information is already publicly available, so it is legal. It all depends on how the information is used.
You can request that your Gamertag or other private information be blocked from the website. This is not a good idea.

Below is a table that explains xResolver in detail.

  • Date of Creation: 2017
  • Works with: Xbox & PlayStation
  • Ability: Change the username and Gamertag for Xbox and PS users.
  • Additional Benefits: IP logger, PSN username, IP Storage, etc.
  • Register Users: 0.25 Million

How do we use xResolver?

Resolver’s interface is unique and easy to use, even for novices. Xresolver was designed to be a simple dashboard. You don’t need to know anything about xresolver. Follow the instructions below if you are having trouble using xresolver.

  • Go to with official webpage of https://xresolver.com/
  • You can now choose Xbox Resolver or PlayStation that you prefer
  • Next, enter the IP address to modify the Xbox gamer tag
  • To convert the “Xbox Gamer Tag,” enter it into an IP address
  • Click on the “Resolve” button to finish.

Let me confirm that both the Resolve and IP processes work. When you click on resolve, it converts to the IP format. It will also change to IP format automatically when you enter an Xbox gamer tag.

Register Now to Get Full Access on xResolver

Each platform and tool has its registration process. Here are the steps to register on resolver and gain full access. You can create an account with xResolver and unlock additional features by following the instructions.

  • Visit an official site “https://xresolver.com/”
  • Click the “Register” button
  • Complete the “Sign Up” form.
  • Enter the “Username” and “Email Address.”
  • Click on the Register button to enter the password and the Confirm password.

You are done. Click the “sign-in” button if you already have an account.

Essential Features/Benefits xResolver MSC Tools

Are you familiar with the benefits and features of xresolver? We have listed the benefits and features of Xresolver.

IP Logger

Xresolver is an advanced IP logger that allows you to create customized links that can be sent to people to get their IP addresses.

  • Full IP Address with Accurate Geo IP Information
  • Use the browser
  • Operating System
  • Detect Incognito/Private mode (Coming Soon).
  • No Limits
  • Maximum ten results per page. The oldest result will be deleted.
  • View Country, ISP, Browser + OS.
  • Premium Limits
  • Each page should contain ten pages and 100 marks.
  • View the IPv4/IPv6 Country, City, ISP, Browser+ System OS.

PSN Username

The PSN username tool checks if your PlayStation Network username is already registered. You can then start the registration process.

  • Enter your PlayStation Network username
  • Next, click on “Fix.”

IP Storage

The IP storage tool allows you to store IPs you wish to organize and save. You can store up to 100 IPs in one account with an IP storage tool. Make sure your account is still active. All data stored on your account for over three months will automatically be deleted.

  • Free Account – Ability to store 25 IP addresses
  • Premium Account: Unlimited Storage.

What is my IP?

Are you looking to verify your IP address? Xresolver allows you to check IP addresses. You can find your current IP address using the IP checker tool. This tool will enable you to obtain your Public IP address!

The phone lookup tool offers a fantastic feature. You can see your phone number wherever you submit it, including country, location, and type. Make sure you include the country code when entering the phone number.

Nmap Port Scans

NMAP Post scan tool secures you to the host you choose from our servers. Your IP will be visible to the host that you are port scanning when you do port scans.

Note: You will also find more details on the website of xResolver.

More about the Xresolver

xResolver was launched in 2017. It works for two different names: Xbox and PlayStation.

Then xresolver provides the latest data collection:

  1. Register Users: 241,586
  2. Live Users 1,168
  3. Database Count: 24,735,431.
  4. Disclaimer This content is solely for educational purposes.

TOP 7 xResolver Options to Grab IP by Gamertags

Sometimes, all you need to win a game as a gamer is to get to know your opponent. Online tools like xResolver are a great way to get that information. This Xbox IP Graber uses an advanced algorithm for gathering information about a player’s IP address, username, geolocation, and city.
This article will discuss Xbox IP Grabbers that are similar to xResolver and other related tools for gamers.

New Xbox Resolver

The Xbox Resolver allows you to retrieve an IP address from an Xbox Game Code or Gamertag. Xbox Resolver is an IP sniffer tool that will enable gamers to collect information about their opponents to use it to their advantage in gameplay. This is the perfect option if you are looking for the best Xbox IP solver for personal network monitoring or packet identification.

It uses advanced algorithms to gather information about a player’s IP, username, and geolocation, among other details. It is also worth mentioning that the Xbox IP Grabber, like xResolver, supports dual networks – Wi-Fi and lane 6- allowing for foolproof protocol tracking. Sometimes, the IP puller can take longer to retrieve gamer information. If you are experiencing long waits, refresh the page. However, you can always join the discord discussion group if there are any problems with this tool.

Lance Remastered PCPSLanc Remastered is a similar Xbox IP Graber to xResolver. This application can intercept and pull IPs from Xbox Live (Playstation), PC, and other gaming consoles. This packet analysis and monitoring tool can quickly resolve Gamertags to IPs. It also has the benefit of regular release updates making it an extremely reliable and stable IP grabber.

This tool is free. You don’t need to worry about paying premium prices. The setup process is also simple. You will find many user guides that provide detailed instructions for setting up your device. If you require assistance in setting up the tool, be sure to visit this page. The tool can be accessed online and offline. This means that a user can still access the information of their opponent while playing offline.


Octosniff will optimize your game connections and increase your win rates. Online gaming has made it easier to know your opponent. This IP sniffer tool works with Playstation, Xbox, and many other popular gaming consoles.

It’s easy to install and includes many tutorials in the knowledge base. If you need to, you may want to review them. Octosniff also has packet filters, IP to username function, and DDoS protection lookup. Octosniff, although a premium tool is well-priced and worth it, is worth noting. Every order includes a free trial to feel confident about your purchase.

Xbox One Booter

Many Xbox IP grabbers are similar to xResolve. However, only a few of these tools can execute offline boots and grab gamer IP. One example is Xbox One Booter. Xbox One Booter a powerful IP-puller that uses layers 4 and 7 to boot your opponents offline and give you easy, automatic wins.

This tool not only boots Xbox gamers offline but also grabs IPs. It also collects sensitive information about gamer data. Geolocation, username, and even city are some of the information pulled. The main problem with Xbox One Booter, other than Xbox, is its incompatibility with other gaming consoles.

Console Sniffer

Another excellent IP puller works with every other gaming console except Xbox. It is straightforward to set up and doesn’t require jailbreak. Console Sniffer lets you easily track other players’ IP addresses and usernames, giving you leverage in your gameplay. This is a cheaper alternative to premium IP grabbers and offers unbeatable reliability across all console platforms.

This tool uses powerful algorithms and advanced network packet filters to extract gamer IP, username, and geolocation information. The Console Sniffer can also be used as a home network monitor and is compatible with most VPN service providers. This allows you to play online more securely. Console Sniffer is a similar Xbox IP grabber to xResolver.

Xbox Replay

Xbox Replay allows you to easily connect with other gamers through free network monitoring and packet identification. The IP Graber is compatible with all gaming consoles. This site uses complex algorithms to monitor network traffic and analyze packets. It makes it super simple to retrieve gamer IP, username, and geolocation.

It is easy to get started with this IP Graber. As with other free Xbox IP grabbers, there are no complicated installation steps. Enter your opponent’s username or Gamertag, and you will see details like IP, username, etc.

Psycho Coding

Psycho Coding doubles as a VPN provider and an Xbox IP puller. The website has powerful Xbox filters, custom pack filters, and DDoS protection to make it easy to grab player IPs.

Psycho Coding collects and displays information such as your opponent’s IP, username, geolocation, and ISP. It is easy to start using this platform. It is easy to set up. If you have any questions, they offer helpful tutorials. The IP puller works with all other gaming consoles, including Xbox.

Can I Blacklist My IP Address From xResolver?

Yes. You can blacklist your IP address with xResolver. Blacklisting your IP address from xResolver will prevent your Gamertag/Username and IP addresses from ever being displayed on their databases. Protect your online presence on Microsoft and Sony from third-party hacking attacks.

How do I blacklist my IP address from xResolver?

VPNs are required to hide your IP address from hackers. Your ISP can also change your IP address. Avoid joining any suspicious groups and avoid playing random games.

You can also blacklist your IP address using xResolver. Follow the steps below.

  • Visit the official site of xResolver and enter your Gamertag to activate the device.
  • The gamer tag should now provide your IP address.
  • Copy the IP address to OctoSniff.
  • You will need to buy 500 pints before you can blacklist IP.
  • Soon after purchasing points, you’ll receive a key to your messaging box.
  • Copy the xResolver IP blacklist link.
  • Click on Redeem License and then add the Key to the Point Section.
  • Claim your points.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the Miscellaneous section until you see the blacklist option.
  • Enter your IP address in this section, and then click on the blacklist username.
  • Go back to the site and enter your username. Then, show the validation for the IP blacklisted.

What do I need to pay for blacklisting my Ip address from xResolver?

OctoSniff users are more likely to disclose their IP address/information on xResolver. Your Gamertag will be associated with the IP address when you participate in multiplayer sessions.

DDoS attacks can be triggered by associating the Gamertag with an IP address. We strongly recommend that you not participate in online public sessions where hackers play online games.

xResolver has a premium feature that allows you to blacklist your IP if you are still associated with your Gamertag. This premium feature claims to remove your IP address from the public log. This is not the right option. It is a scam to make some extra cash. Other than paying hackers, there are different ways to blacklist IPs.


Is Xresolver Illegal?

Because it is public, your IP address can easily be found using these tools. xResolver can help you hide your IP address. We can also say this based on the game experience.
If you already have a server account, click login and enter your username or password.

Who created xResolver?

xResolver, a domain almost two years old, was renewed recently by Tucows Domains Inc. The domain will expire in one year in 2023. The Octosniff team also created Xresolver.

What’s xResolver?

xReslover, an official active website that allows you to change various game names and tags into the shortest IPs format, is called xReslover. His interface is easy to use, making it easier and more attractive. It is easy to access and use by everyone.

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