The running of a business isn’t easy to accomplish in 2023, given that numerous aspects must be considered carefully. If you manage an enterprise that operates fleets, specifically when it comes to moving, hauling, or shipping, you must be equipped with the right personnel and equipment since you have to be aware of what’s going on and where your fleet is. Have you ever heard about the Fleetfinder app?

This is the age of the 21st Century upon us, and people are using new methods to simplify complex processes into simpler ones. Additionally, GPS tracking is one of the most useful inventions that can identify real-time locations. This is why we will discuss everything you need to know about Fleetfinder Com in this article that several United States netizens have requested. If you’re too eager to learn the truth about it, read this article with a keen eye.

We know that you’re exhausted, But the good news is that we’re here. In this blog, we will discuss Fleetfinder Com, a website allowing users to monitor their fleets.

What Is Fleetfinder?

Fleetfinder.Com is a website online that permits users from all over the world to monitor fleets. This site is free to use, and you can access it anytime. The people who created this site are confirmed on LinkedIn. If you’re interested in checking out what they offer, it is easy to visit their site at

Evaluating The Portal

On the official site on the official site, we noticed that the website was not open. Therefore, the information in this article is derived from internet sources. The website is a GPS and fleet monitoring service to check the state of the site based on the links.

Additionally, the website primarily focuses on temperatures, GPS tracking, fuel, and maintenance of fleets. Let’s explore more topics related to business in the next section.

How Are The People Reacted To This Firm?

We only received one review when we found the company’s Facebook profile, which earned it 5 stars. Also, let’s see the way ABAX Denmark is linked with in the next section.

Connection of Fleetfinder With ABAX Danmark

In its single posting on Facebook, we found out that the company merged with ABAX Denmark at the end of the year. Additionally, the post stated that the merger could be exciting for both organizations.

Their team will be the same. However, their services will be expanded to serve their customers better. Recently the ABAX group was awarded an honor of recognition from the industry during the Great British Fleet Awards 2022. Let’s look at the next section since it will expose the truth of

Legitimacy Revealing Points

  • Domain Registration Date our research revealed the site’s creation date as 14-08-1998.
  • Alexa Ranking- 9,725,053 value has been preserved for this portal.
  • Trusts score A stunning score of 88%.
  • Website Freezing Date, The website is available until 13-08-2023.
  • Trustpilot Commentaries As stated earlier, Trustpilot reviews are not available for this website.
  • Trust rank- The website has nothing of significance.

What Happened To Fleetfinder?

In 2017, Fleetfinder was acquired by ABAX from the UK. This company shut Fleetfinder Com from the internet, and both firms operate in tandem.

What Is ABAX Fleet Management?

According to the ABAX website, the company is “one of the biggest Telematic firms in Europe that uses high-end hardware and software that is created internally. Our services allow customers to stay current, be more efficient, and reduce costs with our high-end SaaS (Software as a Service). We tackle everyday issues with intelligent solutions that provide you with access to all of your workplace regardless of whether in your car, at work, or working in the field.”

What Does Fleetfinder Offer?

This official website of Fleetfinder.Com currently offers a Google Integrated Map that is constantly updated every minute. It will instantly show the traffic flow through your route and how it affects the driving drivers. Additionally, it will ensure that your drivers have choices in choosing the most efficient route and get in the extra profit-making task.

Is Fleetfinder Free?

Sadly, no. There was a period when Fleetfinder was completely free; however, currently, it’s not. Keep in mind that this site was bought from ABAX Denmark, an online service provider paid for by customers that provide services for tracking your fleet. So if you’re looking to buy a device that can help you track your fleet and drivers, you should be sure you’re hiring a professional paid to provide an app that is custom-designed for you. If you have the money, you could opt for ABAX Denmark!


We want to make the air that we are not associated with Fleetfinder, the company, in any manner. This piece aims to ensure you get the most accurate information about this website. If you believe any of the information we provided above is incorrect or needs to be revised, please notify us so we can correct this article as soon as possible!

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