Hurricane season is coming soon in areas throughout the U.S. You already know how to protect your home, but how do you protect your vehicle? There are a few things you can do to ensure that your vehicle is safe no matter what the weather has in store, including upgrading your tires and installing a lift kit. These accessories can make your vehicle safer in wet weather, but you need to find the right options in order to take advantage of these benefits. Find out how to prepare for hurricane season this year by choosing the right tires and lift kit.

Check Your Tires

Your tires are an essential component of your hurricane preparedness plan, but finding the right ones may be overwhelming. In addition to mud tires for trucks, there are all-terrain tires and all-season tires, so you need to know which kind is right for your vehicle and the impending weather. Generally, you want to opt for the tires that are best suited to rain, since this is the most common weather occurrence during hurricane season. Mud tires are designed to retain traction even in liquid conditions, which makes them an ideal choice for these circumstances.

Buying new tires is just part of hurricane season safety, though. You’ll also need to routinely check your tires to ensure that they’re safe to drive on. If a hurricane does occur — or if you simply see heavy rains — it’s possible that this may cause damage to your tires. Inclement weather can kick up debris on the road, and a small pebble could cause a puncture. Similarly, flood water is often contaminated with substances such as salt, oil, and grease, all of which may also cause damage to your tires. If your tires have sustained any of these conditions, you should inspect them for safety — and if any damage is evident, invest in a new set of tires.

Improve Suspension for Floods

Choosing the right tire and wheel packages can shield your car from the dangers of hurricane season, but you’ll be even safer if you improve its suspension, too. Suspension kits are designed to easily mount to the undercarriage of your car, making them relatively simple to install and customize. You can adjust yours to provide a ride that’s as soft or as stiff as you prefer. Some drivers prefer soft suspension because it can be more comfortable, but in wet conditions, a stiff suspension may offer better handling. You should also take steps to reduce body roll, which may be more likely with a softer suspension.

A lift kit can do much more than just improve your ride. A suspension kit will also protect your vehicle by providing greater clearance from the ground, which in turn, can make it easier to operate in the midst of floods or torrential rain conditions. With greater clearance, you’ll be able to avoid any debris that may be on the road, too, which effectively protects your vehicle. Find the right accessories to ensure that you’re safe if a hurricane hits.