Are you searching for the steps about how to send Daily Deviation (DD) suggestions on DeviantArt? Then this post is for you with all the information, from basic information to advance one.

There are specific guidelines and steps to send DD suggestions on DeviantArt. A deviant can only be suggested a daily deviation if they haven’t already gotten one in the previous six months. When on someone’s page, type /DDS into the URL to see when they last received a Daily Deviation. It will seem like this: “”

Before going in to process, let me share the basic concepts related to Daily Deviation and DeviantArt.

What is Daily Deviation?

The “Daily Deviation” is a technique where you can suggest a different picture to be posted to DeviantArt daily. DeviantArt allows artists to post their work online and gives them the freedom to do whatever they want. The daily deviation is the way artists express themselves and the way they present their art. It is the way they show their creative side and their personality. It is the way they express themselves and the way they show their creativity.

What is DeviantArt?

DeviantArt is a free service, but you can pay for extra features, such as being able to comment on other people’s work, being able to upload more images, and being able to edit your profile.

Benefits of using DeviantArt

Artists can be more creative and have more fun with their work. Another benefit of DeviantArt is that it is an excellent resource for learning about art.

In particular, DeviantArt provides an excellent way for artists to share their work and connect with others who share their interests. Artists post their work for free to earn money by selling prints of their art. By posting in a large community of artists interested in the same things, artists get view counts, likes, and comments.

The biggest benefit of DeviantArt is that it gives artists the freedom to express themselves and create art without restrictions. Moreover, DeviantArt also provides a safe and secure environment for artists to post their work.

How to use DeviantArt?

To use DeviantArt, follow these steps:

  1. Open website
  2. This website has both modes to use, free and upgraded core membership.
  3. Fill in the basic information to register
  4. You can create a gallery to showcase your creative art pieces
  5. You can upload your art that must be your creativity
  6. Engaging in other members’ posts can help grow your community
  7. You may follow other artists and visit, like and comment on their art

How to send Daily Deviations (DD) Suggestions on DeviantArt?

The Daily Deviations are a collection of works chosen by a selected number of Community Volunteers or staff members each day to display to the general public.

According to the Director of Community Relations, suggestions from deviants like you are among the pool of ideas from which the Daily Deviations are selected. Please feel free to make suggestions by stating if you think a certain kind of art is being ignored or underrepresented.

Steps to give DD Suggestions

Please use DeviantArt notes or direct messaging to give DD recommendations there. You should occasionally add the following information to your note:

Write Title: DD Suggestion (Would you please do that? It helps me be more organized!)

Only submit one idea/artist per note and a URL or thumbnail for the variant you wish to highlight.

Write more detail: Describe why you think it deserves a DD. (Optional but always welcome)

In addition, you may specify to the user if you wish to remain anonymous.

Guidelines for Daily Deviation Suggestions

  • If an artist has received a DD during the previous six months, they are ineligible to obtain another one.
  • There can only be one selection every day for Daily Deviation pickers. This has been implemented to emphasize quality over quantity.
  • Include the Director of Community Relations with your DD recommendation if no one is currently allocated to the region for which you wish to nominate a DD. You can send suggestions to one person only.

Some suggestions

You cannot stop getting the Daily Deviation if you don’t like it. Just let the person enjoy it, as the event lasts only 24 hours. Whining about it won’t get anything done any faster. Daily deviations are offered to promote a deviation and an artist.

In case, if you disagree with a Daily Deviation feature, do NOT submit your complaint along with the other comments. It is insulting to the featured artist, the person who chose it, and the person who made the suggestion.

Where can artists send Daily Deviations?

  1. All Areas- Moonbeam13, KovoWolf
  2. Adoptables- @AlexanderPaupoff, @Astralseed
  3. Anime and Manga- @AlexanderPaupoff, @lovelessdevotions, @RezaBisuto
  4. Anthro- @RezaBisuto, @DrZime
  5. Artisan Crafts- @Malintra-Shadowmoon, @pinkythepink, @pullingcandy
  6. Comics- @DrZime, @Thiefoworld
  7. Cosplay – @pinkythepink, @pullingcandy, @Queen-Kitty
  8. Digital Art – @AlexanderPaupoff, @Astralseed, @Ellysiumn, @lovelessdevotions, @phoenixleo, @RezaBisuto, @TsaoShin
  9. Emoji and Emoticons- @Acerbical
  10. Fan Art- @Astralseed, @DrZime, @lovelessdevotions, @phoenixleo, @RezaBisuto, @Thiefoworld, @TsaoShin
  11. Game Art- @acerbical, @Thiefoworld
  12. Literature- @Barosus, @Malintra-Shadowmoon
  13. Nude Art-  @morbidman187, @Queen-Kitty
  14. Photomanipulation- @Acerbical, @Ellysiumn, @ImaginaryRosseArt, @phoenixleo
  15. Photography- @burningmonk,  @elynenoir, @KizukiTamura,  @morbidman187, @Queen-Kitty
  16. Pixel Art – @Acerbical
  17. Stock Images & Resources –  @BeckyKidus, @ellysiumn, @ImaginaryRosseArt
  18. Street Photography- @burningmonk, @morbidman187
  19. Traditional Art- @Astralseed, @BeckyKidus, @Malintra-Shadowmoon, @TokyoMoonlight
  20. Tutorials – @BeckyKidus,@c-91
  21. Wallpaper- @Ellysiumn


Concretely, Deviant art is a wonderful source for sharing art. While you need to send Daily Deviations, you should abide by the guideline and follow the steps to send daily deviation suggestions.

On the whole, I hope you found all the information related to the topic and now you know how to send daily deviation (dd) suggestions in DeviantArt?


Q1. How can I send Daily Deviations suggestions?

Ans. You can send DD suggestions through Deviant Art notes.

Q2. How many DD suggestions can you send to an artist?

Ans. You can send one DD suggestion per artist.

Q3. What are the criteria for an artist to receive DD suggestions?

Ans. An artist can receive one DD suggestion in six months.

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