Probably one of the most straightforward camping setups anyone can make do with in Australia, swag gets rid of that extra encumbrance of a mattress and sheets. Not to mention the surreal experience of sleeping in a swag tent when out camping or on a hike. There are plenty of reasons why many Australians prefer swags over bigger tents:

  • Swags are very easy to set up. They don’t require much to prop them up, and as a result, nature lovers don’t have to pack much for that purpose either.
  • They are lightweight and compact enough to fit in a small space.
  • With a mattress already embedded inside them, swags are way more comfortable to sleep in than regular sleeping bags or even tents.
  • Swags are durable and can withstand wear and tear for years due to their design.
  • They are built to trap more heat inside them, allowing users to have a cosy night without worrying about the temperatures dropping.

With 19 million Australians ready to go camping, the demand for a swag tents is bound to increase in the coming years. Hence, it’s really important to know what type of swag people should buy if they want to make the best of it. With that being said, take a look at some of the things to consider before purchasing a swag:


Tunnel swag, or dome swag, is the most commonly purchased swag in the Australian market. It’s ideal for those looking for a place to sleep in but not as big as a regular tent. The regular swag would do well for those looking for a cheaper alternative and less bulky. However, don’t expect much in terms of sturdiness. Another alternative would be the inflatable ones, commonly called “air swags”. Being relatively new, they offer the same advantages as regular swag but don’t have the poles’ support or strength.


There are three main size categories that swags come in. The normal-sized one is perfect for lonely travellers, the king-sized one for a more spacious swag and the double swag for the extra individual. Don’t forget to factor in the measurements and the headspace required.


All swags are pretty much made of the same thing, heavy-duty canvas with a blend of cotton and fibres to make sure that the swag remains sturdy, breathable and water-resistant. Buyers need to look for quality, and weight is usually a good indicator. Extra nylon fibres will also help keep the swag from tearing apart in harsh Aussie environments. But heavier is not always better, so go for one that is light enough to carry around but doesn’t compromise on quality. The swag mattress deserves special mention as it is the sole reason people buy swags in the first place. Thicker mattresses are good enough for a comfy sleep, but this goes hand in hand with the price. If budget is an issue, buy a cheaper swag and add in an extra inflatable mattress later.

Additional features like ventilation can be beneficial in helping with air circulation and keeping the temperatures warm inside. Storage pockets are good, too, and they can store many things like tools and consumables that might come in handy while camping outside. Ensure to check on the zippers and the poles and ensure that they are strong enough to handle the strong winds, heat and rain.

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