One of the rarest things in Roblox All-Star Tower Defense that many people seek but haven’t been able to obtain is the Dark Spiritual Orb. Here’s where our tutorial on how to obtain the Dark Spiritual Orb in Roblox All-Star Tower Defense will be useful. How to get Dark Spiritual Orb ASTD? read full article.

Players utilize various items and power-ups that occur in various Anime and Manga series in the anime-based game of the same name on Roblox. Players can access a range of anime-inspired talents or boosts via Orbs, which can be obtained by successfully completing various Raids, Challenges, and Trials. Even better, you can buy orbs at the orb shop and exchange gems for them.

One of the game’s most powerful and elusive Orbs is the Dark Spiritual Orb. This Orb’s most recent improvement enables users to injure flying soldiers and slow enemies. As a result, we will outline how to acquire the Dark Spiritual Orb in this article for All Star Tower Defense.

Bleach Challenge or Challenge 3

In Roblox All Star Tower Defense’s last task, known as Bleach Challenge or Challenge 3, players take on waves of Elementals, a type of creature that can only be defeated using particular attacks and has a high health bar is difficult to destroy.

As the final challenge in the Roblox ASTD, Challenge 3 is no easy feat. The challenge consists of 16 rounds in total, as opposed to the typical 15-round matches. There are also the Elementals, a class of adversaries with distinctive abilities and assault patterns. These enemies are challenging because only a specific combination of manual skills and a particular kind of unit can defeat them. Compared to the previous challenges, the mobs are much more resilient and have a higher health bar.

You must also own Ikki, the six-star Ground and AoE (Cone) type unit modeled after Final Getsuga Tensho Ichigo, who battles Sosuke Aizen in the Bleach anime and manga series, in addition to completing the Bleach Challenge.

After completing the Bleach Challenge in Roblox All Star Tower Defense, an end-game challenge that calls for you to be at level 100 or higher, you can purchase the Dark Spiritual Orb from the Orb Shop.

Last round of the Challenge

The challenge’s last round, Wave 16, will start when the game’s final boss spawns. All the characters in the arena who are not from the Bleach anime will be stunned for 60 seconds when this boss spawns. They won’t be able to move about at that time, either. All characters except Souma, Whis, Susano-o, and Lance Mech agree with this. The boss will attack the base for 55 damages every 30 seconds if you don’t respond quickly and kill it as soon as it emerges.

Get Dark Spiritual Orb ASTD (All-Star Tower Defense)

After completing the final challenge, you will receive the Dark Spiritual Orb, which you can use in All Star Tower Defense (ASTD) to improve your Ikki (Dark) Ichigo troop.

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