How to protect your crop

There are many dangers lurking in the environment of agricultural plants: aggressive insects, pathogenic bacteria and viruses. All of them can cause irreparable damage to your future crop. And when the planting time comes, every landowner begins to think about ways to protect planted crops.Today, the most effective means of plant protection are chemical agents. They allow you to protect up to 50% of plants that could be exposed to the harmful effects of bacteria, diseases or rodents. It is not a problem to buy such funds - many companies are engaged in the supply of chemicals to any corner of our country.In addition to the protective function, many chemicals enrich crops with useful substances, improve the quality characteristics of the soil and, accordingly, increase the yield.There are many varieties of chemicals: some are aimed at destroying insects, ticks, and rodents, while others fight weeds and regulate plant growth.One of the types of chemicals for crop protection are herbicides. They are designed for weed control. Herbicides, in turn, are divided into two categories: the first (herbicides of continuous action) will help you clear an empty plot, and the second (herbicides of selective action) will get rid of excess grass already planted with agricultural crops.Today it is not difficult to find the chemicals you need. The breadth of the offered assortment will help you choose chemicals depending on the type of plant, on the specifics of the land, on the type of premises being treated. On horticultural farms, chemical fertilizers have become simply irreplaceable, because country flowers and fruit trees are absolutely defenseless against the harmful effects of insects. It is for the purpose of protecting noble horticultural plants that there is another type of chemical means of protection - insecticides.Modern chemical fertilizers are no longer the ones that were presented on the markets a few years ago - now they have become safer and much more effective. However, even this is not the limit. Ongoing experiments in agricultural science allow us to assume that chemicals are becoming safer and more effective every year. Online Casinos for Real Money ▶ Updated for August 2022 Safe for Canadian players Real money bonuses, games & more! Best Online Casino Canada Free & Real Money Canadian Players Love these Real Money Casinos. Playing for Free vs Playing for Real Money.