Knitted fashion

In the harsh winter cold, you can not do without warm, warming clothes in the cold. But many fashionistas and fashionistas neglect warmth and comfort in favor of ultra-stylish, but not seasonally appropriate things. Fortunately, the designers did not leave the "victims" of fashion trends and paid great attention to knitted sweaters and blouses that will not only warm in winter, but also emphasize the figure.
New autumn-winter collections abound with warm models of all kinds of styles and colors. Owners of all shapes will be able to find their thing and look great in it, and most importantly, do not worry about shivering. Girls and women with voluminous figures will hide their shortcomings and emphasize the advantages of elongated wide models. And slender ladies – tight-fitting things.
Knitwear is the most advantageous option if you want to emphasize the figure, and at the same time not to freeze in bad weather. This material retains heat well, does not allow the skin to sweat and practically does not cause an allergic reaction. Unlike wool, it is suitable even for the most delicate individuals who do not tolerate prickly and coarse material.
As for the color spectrum, here the designers have pleased us with a wide variety of various shades for any, even the most demanding taste.owners of all types of appearance and various skin tones will be able to find their knitted thing. Catwalks all over the world abound with models of gray, turquoise and rich blue colors. Also, stylish sweaters and sweatshirts are found in burgundy, brick and brown colors. Nowhere this season without the classics of the genre – timeless black and white colors. Things of pastel colors also look very elegant: pale pink, light green and blue.
Decoration and decor
Various decorative elements will help to make warm clothes more feminine and refined, which, to the delight of many representatives of the fair sex, have often appeared in the collections of the season. Knitted sweaters and sweatshirts are usually decorated with such interesting accents as bows, rhinestones and stones. Also, such a familiar and ordinary finish as buttons can be found in very unusual variations. Designers decorate their creations not with simple round buttons, but with unusual ones, in the form of flowers, butterflies and other symbols. Another interesting element on your sweater can be a fringe or tassels. Most often they complement the models in an ethnic style inspired by the motifs of the Wild West or the flavor of the East. For those who are not afraid to experiment and look bright and catchy, the best choice is a combination of patches of different textures and colors in one thing. But in order not to overload the image, it is better to combine such an "active" thing with more neutral and monochrome wardrobe items.
Also, the collar trim should not be neglected. Collars-collars will save you from the piercing wind as well as possible in the cold season. With them, your neck will stay warm and no colds are threatened. Designers decorate the V-shaped collar with an elegant knitted elastic band or lace. The classic round collar has also migrated to this season: it suits almost all women and is perfectly combined with beads and other accessories on the neck. Каннабис был завезен на южноазиатский субконтинент между 2000 и 1000 годами до нашей эры, семена марихуаны скорее всего, были как часть серии арийских вторжений (Zuardi 2006).