Choosing the right hob

Recently, many people prefer to purchase built-in household appliances. If the kitchen is small, then it is better to buy a hob instead of a conventional gas stove. It can be induction, electric, gas or combined.The principle of operation of this cooking surface is that it first heats itself, and then heats the dishes. An undoubted advantage is that any type of tableware can be used on it: glass, metal, enameled and others. Another advantage is the low price, as well as high repair suitability. The disadvantage of the electric surface is a large consumption of electricity, as well as the fact that during a power outage the stove will not be able to work.Induction hob For induction panels, an induction coil is located under the work surface. This coil, when turned on to the power grid, begins to activate magnetic currents in the dishes. The surface of the stove is not heated, only the food is heated. This allows you to save electricity, and food is prepared much faster. Unfortunately, not every cookware can be used on such a cooking surface, but only one that is magnetic, for example, cast iron. Therefore, you will have to part with the usual pots and pans. When planning the purchase of an induction panel, this fact must be taken into account. Aluminum, stainless steel, glass, ceramics - all this is not suitable for an induction hob. The same applies to dishes with a small diameter of the bottom. It will not be possible to cook coffee in Turkey on such a stove.The induction cooker will not work if you accidentally put an empty pan on the burner or put some foreign object, for example, a spoon. If there are small children in the house, such a stove is safe for them.Scientists have been arguing about the possible harm of induction cookers to human health for a long time. Of course, magnetic waves are not entirely useful, but the same can be said about microwave ovens, mobile phones, etc. However, it is better not to place induction surfaces near a microwave oven or washing machine.Another significant disadvantage of an induction cooker is expensive repairs.Gas cooktops are good because they are independent of electricity. In addition, they are much cheaper than induction cooktops.Combined cooking surface Combined cooktops combine several types of connection: gas and electricity or electricity and induction. Such plates are quite expensive, but more reliable. The World Cup is coming soon, which means it's time to find a bookmaker with the highest odds, my choice after all, I have been cooperating with this office for the third year and have never encountered problems